Making A List–Checking It Twice

November 3, 2014

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O LORD my God, you have performed many wonders for us.
Your plans for us are too numerous to list.
You have no equal.

~Psalms 40:5, NLT


Making a list and checking things off as you do them allows us to feel some sense of accomplishment.

~David Viscott

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The number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime is called a “bucket list.” People who care about good stewardship and time management are list makers. People who do not make list are generally not pro-active. Our grandson Ryder told June the other day that he wants to go to Seattle, Washington to see the grave of Bruce Lee and then he added, “that is just one of the things on my bucket list.” An eight year old with a bucket list: what about that? It is great to have a bucket list; it is an indication that you have some goals. One of the first habits I learned in being pro-active is to make a to-do list. Twitter’s Unappreciated Pastor has a to-don’t list but it is a list. When Bro. Wade’s mother-in-law was told that she had cancer and had two months to live, she made a list. It was not a bucket list, it was a list of friends that she wanted to share Jesus with before she departed. There are all kinds of list: grocery list, Christmas list, bucket list, to-do list but we all know that a prospect list is more important than all the rest. Do you have a list?


  • Today we pray for REVIVAL.
  • I love Sunday nights but last night was different. I was not tired from preaching two sermons; I was not tired at all because I stayed in bed between the two services. I was thankful, very thankful for both services. Our attendance yesterday morning was much better. We had 310 in the am and 202 last night [159 in the sanctuary, 17 in the nursery and 26 in Children’s church]. We had four decisions that were made public but several more that were not. REVIVAL is a moving of God’s Spirit–without the Spirit, no revival is possible and I did felt a gentle breeze yesterday and it was refreshing.
  • If we don’t have revival, we can blame our DEACONS. After our prayer huddle yesterday morning, I ask all the deacons to give their wives a good hug and I sinned, I hugged June but looked over her shoulder at the others–it was pathetic. I said, “Guys, if our revival is no more passionate than those hugs or lack thereof, we are in trouble.” So, if we do not have revival, don’t blame the women.
  • Two things you should have carried away from yesterday: [1] Don’t allow your past to define you: unhook, let go of the past. It is a burden you are not equipped to bear and it is slowing you don’t. [2] We need to make a list of people we want to see in the next three services and contact them. Use you phone, make a visit, do an act of kindness. Do whatever it takes. First, make your list: now…who did you miss…contact them.
  • We will probably dedicate the ramp in the FORTE next Sunday [November 9] after the am worship. Joe David will be gone next Sunday and I could possibly miss on the 16th so we are going to have our CELEBRATION SUNDAY on November 23 if that is OK with the candidates for Baptism. If we can work this out, we may go ahead and have another Sunday morning Communion Service to go along side the Baptisms.
  • One other thing: another famous American has converted to Islam: Buckwheat of the LITTLE RASCALS is now Kareem of Wheat. What would I do without Bobby from L.A.?
  • For good Christmas music check out 105.1 FM The River, Jackson, MS.



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