Hindrances to Revival #10 Unconfessed Sin

October 22, 2014

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DAY 13 of 24



If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth.

~I John 1:8, NLT


One great power of sin is that it blinds men so that they do not recognize its true character.

~Andrew Murray

my thoughts red

How do we humans respond to our sin and guilt? If we do a through study of scripture we see several responses and none of them good. The first thing Adam and Eve did with their sin was attempt to cover it and then when God put the finger on them they tried to blame someone else. The Pharisees denied their sin all together–they proclaimed themselves sin-free. Eventually we came up with a subtle form of rationalizing our sin: we put the seal of approval on our sin because we have a just reason. I left my wife because she was not meeting my needs…I hate my neighbor because she told a lie on me….I don’t go to church because I don’t like the preacher…all these are excuses or rationalizations and they are unacceptable. There are over 300 churches in Morgan County and you can’t find one where you like the pastor. People who stay at home on Sunday because they don’t like the preacher are lying to themselves: it is not just the preacher that they have a problem with.

The only acceptable response to sin is to own up to it, confess it and seek the help of Christ to turn from it. We are not going to get victory over sin by refusing to call it what it is: name it, claim it and bring it to Jesus for execution.


  • I attended the SAV-A-LIFE banquet last night and it is probably my last one for several reasons. I will continue to support it financially because I think it is a good thing but there are some things I just cannot stomach. I’ll give you one example: You know me, I eat just about anything that doesn’t eat me first and last night I ate something that looked like dressing but they called in Pulau or something. I know one thing, Pulau and Jack are not a good mix. I would have faired better had I eaten a red onion uncooked. No more Pulau for me.
  • TODAY we prayer for the WORLD
  • Tonight we have a normal schedule with supper at 5:30 and AWANA at 6:15 and then our AWANA workers who have done a fantastic job this year will get a little rest. Our Fall Stew is Oct. 29 and the following week will be REVIVAL.
  • SAMARITAN PROJECT this Saturday: 7:30 am until. A trip to the park to pass out blankets, coats, etc.
  • Lisa and Steve Kelso’s son-in-law passed away late Monday evening at the age of 33. It was Ashley’s husband Levi. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Steve and his entire family. We consider them very good friends. I will let you know more when I know more. It could be a few days before the service.
  • We have an African A copula choir coming Sunday. Praise and worship will be normal. We may cut it a tad but not much. The choir will have my time. They want to stay in homes but I have told their leader that it will probably be a motel. If you are interesting in hosting a couple, let me know.

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