Hindrances to Revival #3 “Avoiding The Light”

October 15, 2014

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Day 7 of 24



The Lord detests people with crooked hearts, but he delights in those with integrity.

~Proverbs 11:20, NLT


A pretentious, showy life is an empty life.


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Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpgDishonesty has two sides, one active and the other passive: we can speak a lie or we can remain silent and withhold the truth in the face of a lie. The Pharisees were guilty of both. They were lacking in integrity. They were not integrated: there was the real person and the phony person. Our O.T. example of integrity is Job. If you read the story of Job, you will see he was an open book. He was honest before God and men and his wife believed  this was the cause of his sorrow. She begged him to give up his integrity. Thankfully, Job refused and held tight to his integrity and faith. Of course the perfect example of integrity is Jesus. He was so utterly pure. He could think out loud and never be embarrassed. No one else is so pure.

The Pharisees used religion to cover their true identity. Jesus knew that their hearts did not match their profession so He called them hypocrites or actors. The word hypocrite means to wear two faces. Jesus wants us to have one face all the time. The young people refer to it as “Getting Real.” 

REVIVAL is stepping into the light, the revealed truth in Jesus. It is prompted by our desire to know the truth about Jesus and ourselves. Since only Jesus knows the heart, only Jesus can reveal you to you or me to me. You know things about yourself that I don’t know but you do not know anything that Jesus doesn’t know. Matter of fact, He knows things about you that you don’t know. You will never know the truth about yourself a part from Jesus and His amazing grace. He can enable us to be interrogated, to get it together.


  • Today we pray for the WORLD.
  • We dipped below the 200 mark last Wednesday; maybe FALL BREAK had something to do with it. I hope we bounce back tonight.
  • The totals are in; the default offering under International Missions will go to Guatemala through GRACE ministries. Remember, you can still give to any International Mission cause but you have to put it in an envelop. I will mention this Sunday and then we probably will not address it anymore unless there is a question.
  • I got a flu shot yesterday: first time is 25 years. Big Mama was chicken.
  • I tried to touch base with all our sick folks yesterday. Had some sweet visits: one in particular that touched my heart. This world is not my home. I see too much pain and suffering to be content here. I have a friend in Mississippi who is really sick and he can’t get easy. He is in pain and discomfort 24/7. His name is Barney. I would appreciate a prayer for him. Kenny has to take a treatment tomorrow, Larry on Thursday. If you have just a moment say a sentence prayer for these guys.

Proverbs 12.3

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