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Day 5 of 24


Some Pharisees and teachers of religious law now arrived from Jerusalem to see Jesus. They asked him, “Why do your disciples disobey our age-old tradition? For they ignore our tradition of ceremonial hand washing before they eat.”

~Matthew 15:1-2, NLT


God made man to go by motives, and he will not go without them, any more than a boat without steam or a balloon without gas.

~Henry Ward Beecher

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Whereas a fallen creature like man cannot have perfect motives, he can give thought to what he is doing and why. There is no question, motive is important. The Pharisees made the trip from Jerusalem to Galilee for one reason and that reason was to find fault with Jesus. Their purpose of their trip was to discredit Jesus and of course they failed. Had they understood who they were dealing with, it would have helped. They had no respect for Jesus. To them, He was merely a man: actually, they thought of Him as a fraud. Ironically, it was they who were the frauds.

Think of it like this: Jesus has what we need [Revival], so how are we going to approach HIM to ask for what we need? What is it that is motivating us to come to HIM? Do we want revival to save our ministry? Do we want revival to save our nation? Do we want revival for the future of our children? Do we want REVIVAL for the glory of God? Do we want revival if it means radical change in our life?


  • We pray for MINISTERS and MISSIONARIES today.
  • They carried Ruth Livingston to Huntsville last night. I talked to Janet about 9:00 and they said she was stable. Don’t know for sure what the problem is…will be going to HH later in the day.
  • Good turn out last night in the rain. We needed the rain. We had only five people above 50 present but we had a good crowd. I don’t know who won the tournament. I know that Holly and Crazy Beth were in the finals. The peach cobbler was delicious. Everything was good.
  • The office is closed today but tomorrow, I will try to give some attention to the prayer wheel. I think it is a great idea and I want to see it through but we could use some more help. Our Senior Adults could help us pray through the night time. Pray for the LORD of the harvest to raise up laborers. I personally have been blessed.
  • Having trouble loading pics this morning…

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