October 9, 2014

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Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.

~I Chronicles 22:19


All moral obligation resolves itself into the obligation of conformity to the will of God.

~Charles Hodge

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We are more than capable to “Seek the Lord” but we must resolve to do it. Resolve is firm determination to do something. Two thirty in the morning is not my normal time to do the blog but I was resolved not to miss my time in the prayer chain. I resolved to go to bed early and I resolved to get up when Jeff tagged me. I woke up at 12:41 and I have been away since. We have about 50 intercessors in our prayer chain and we are all praying for our REVIVAL November 2-5. If all goes as planned, there will be someone praying every hour between now and the Revival. Your personal prayer is preferred but I have written one you can use if you need to get you started:
Father we praise and love You as the giver of all good and perfect gifts. Knowing that You and only You can give REVIVAL, we set our minds and hearts to seek YOU. We have no power to generate a REVIVAL. This is something that we cannot manufacture or engineer. Our need is desperate, our sins are piled over our heads. We have transgressed Your law, we have failed to respect your name or to give you the credit You deserve. We blame You for all the bad but seldom praise You for the good. We treat You like a spare tire. Our nation is in a mess: we are sexually perverted, spiritually blind, economically insolvent and morally depraved. We need REVIVAL in our Country and our Churches. Our churches are program driven, we promote ourselves more than Christ. We go to great lengths to get other church members but we have no passion to reach the lost and no burden to get the gospel to the world. We are in such a backslidden state that we can have fellowship with the world. We care more about buildings and budgets than we do people. We are more passionate about counting nickels and noses that we are getting the gospel of Christ to all men. We care more about college football than we do REVIVAL. We are passionate about the things we love but we don’t love the right things. We need REVIVAL and we can only get it from YOU. Have mercy on us O God, renew our broken spirits, revive YOUR work in our souls. Set our hearts on fire with passionate love for Jesus. In Jesus name we pray. Amen! 
  • Today we pray for those having trails: continue to pray for Kenny and Larry
  • GOLDEN GIRLS meet Saturday morning 9:00 at Cracker Barrel
  • JERUSALEM PROJECT Saturday morning at 8:00. The youth will show up but we need some Adults with chain saws. Meet at the church parking lot.
  • Another good crowd last night but I don’t think we broke the 200 mark. We did have over 90 for supper again. We also had 18 van riders. We need to pray about a second van. We had some new adults join us last night. I think our group had 41 counting the nursery, 46 youth and 108 AWANA Children for a total of 195.
  • Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg