Jesus Loves The Little Children

September 19, 2014


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Let the little children come to Me; do not get in their way. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these.

~Matthew 19:14, The VOICE


The happiest people on earth are new Christians who have never meet a bible scholar.

~Vance Havner

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The disciples were arguing about who was greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus told them in essence, “You do need to be worried about who is greatest, your first concern is to get in and unless you become like this child, you will not get in.” Do you think a child understand depravity or sanctification? Aren’t you glad that God made salvation simple so that even a child can believe. I put my faith in Jesus at age nine. Most believers I know were converted when they were children. A child’s heart is trusting, truthful and tender. The older a unbeliever becomes, the harder the heart. Some people want to make it complicated but for the thief on the cross it was pretty simple: Jesus was right and he was wrong. He saw the righteousness of Christ and he saw his sin and guilt and he made the connection: Jesus was dying for guilty sinners like himself. I think what he said could be called a “Sinners Prayer,” ā€œJesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!ā€


  • Today were are to pray for FAMILY. Speaking of family, I left my baby sister off of the prayer list for the sick yesterday and she should have been on it. Where I had one abscess under the root of a tooth, she has multiple abscesses. I don’t compare them to kidney stones but they are very painful. I do have an unspoken request concerning family but don’t we all.
  • We did not have 119 in AWANA Wednesday night, we had 121. WOW! Thank YOU Jesus.
  • Jeff did not get to come home and the infection and pain were worse yesterday. He did get easy last night but was still running a temp. Cory got a good report. Connie Campbell {Bro. Tom’s wife} is in DGH with Staph infection}. Mae Sue Wallace moved from DGH to Summerford’s yesterday evening. Larry is still having a lot of pain and not much appetite. Please say a prayer for Jeff, Connie, Larry and Kenny.


One Response to “Jesus Loves The Little Children”

  1. Holly Roberts Says:

    thanks for the Prayers….please continue I have a check up today.

    GREAT Blog! It is hard for adults to have the faith of a child. I would imagine that the rejoicing in Heaven is AWESOME when one turns their life over two Jesus.

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