Jesus On “Greatness”

September 11, 2014

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At last, they came to Capernaum where they gathered in a house. Jesus: “What was it I heard you arguing about along the way?” They looked down at the floor and wouldn’t answer, for they had been arguing among themselves about who was the greatest of Jesus’ disciples.

~Mark 9:32-33, The Voice


As long as a man puts his personal interest before others, he has his back turned to the kingdom of Christ. If he wants to be a part of the kingdom of Christ, he must turn completely and face in the opposite direction.

~William Barclay

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The disciples got into a heated argument about who among them was the number one disciple. Who did Jesus love the most? Who did He trust the most? If He were absent, who would He put in charge? The Great Physician quickly diagnosed their illness: they suffered from pride so He gave them a doze of humility, He sat a child on His knee and said, “To be great in My kingdom, you must become like this little child.” There is a tradition that says this child was Ignatius of Antioch who became a great servant of the church. One thing is crystal clear: their definition of greatest was in conflict with Jesus definition.

By the world’s definition: Jesus was a failure. He never earned a degree. He never wrote a book, not even a pamphlet. He never traveled more than 200 miles from the place of His birth. He never owned a home. He never held any political office. He did not amass great wealth. He never dined with kings. As a matter of fact, the only possession He had at His death were the clothes He was wearing when they arrested Him. He was born, lived and died in poverty. Yet this Jewish carpenter son of a Jewish peasant changed the entire world forever. I think our world is confused when it comes to greatness. I’ll not argue the point: You know that Jesus is great! Actually, He is greater than great: He is the Son of God.EXTRA animated

  • What about that crowd last night: 110 in AWANA, 46 in YOUTH, 5 in Nursery and 32 in preaching…grand total of 193. AWANA gets an A, Youth get a B and Adults, we can do better. Record turn out for supper with 98.
  • Extra quote: We should stop looking out for our own interests and instead focus on the people living and breathing around us. [ The Apostle Paul– I Corinthians 10:32]
  • Today is our day to pray for the sick: those undergoing TRIALS.  Kenny Holladay, Jackie Steele, Larry Garner, Patrick Lee Dubbins, Bill Wilbourn, Floyd Bailey, Angie Blackburn, Dee Eady, B.R. Sessums, Daphne Hutto, Carylon Suthoff, Tracey Gillies, Minnie Grace Baker, Dale Shedd, Beatrice Freeze, Linda Dutton, Bonnie Moore, Matthew Battles, Clara Miller, Steve Tanner. I would say that 75% of those on the list are being treated for some type of cancer.
  • I’ll probably forget it before Sunday but after service Sunday morning, I would like to get a pic of all our school teachers and Seniors 75 and above. I think it will enhance our prayers if we see who we are praying for.
  • I keep forgetting to update you on the rails for the handicap ramp in the FORTE. Jason tells me that Michael Hembree is on the project…Way to go Michael. I had already put in the bulletin that Jason was on it: I’ll change that today if I think of it.
  • Currently I am reading The VOICE and I love it. My goal is to read every English Translation. I have not read one yet that was not helpful. I use the NASB as my basic text but BLUE LETTER BIBLE enables me to check the Greek on any verse. I like the Holman but not as well as NIV, ESV or NRSV. The NKJV is a lot like the NASB and I loved it. I also loved the Moffatt translation. I absolutely love all the easier reads like ERV, Good News, CEB, CEV, NCV, MSG, LB, NLT, WEB, NET, KNOX, God’s Word, Williams, J.B. Phillips. The Amplified Bible is not an easy read but I enjoyed it also. I have great respect for any preacher who uses the one he thinks is best. Lucado always uses the NCV. Joe David always used the NASB and I generally use NLT and occasionally the NASB or NKJV. Personally, I don’t think the ESV has anything to do with the Reform movement. A key verse is Galatians 2:20 and the ESV is right on target. The 20th century hayseed Calvinist used nothing but the KJV which mistranslated Galatians 2:20. They went to seed on Salvation by the faith of the Son of God. I heard them say more than once, “You are not saved by your faith, you are saved by His faith.” This is pure ignorance, Jesus is God and He always has been God, He needs no faith, He has perfect knowledge. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Jesus saw it all. He lived in two worlds at the same time. Faith is for those of us who have incomplete knowledge.
  • I was out late last night and I am still battling a tooth ache and the tooth has been pulled but I am planning to be in the office some. I will probably go back to hospital some time tomorrow. Shohn will most likely not be in today. I rarely answer the office phone when I am there alone, call my cell if you need me.

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