His Claim To Fame

September 10, 2014

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


I come from the one True God, and I’m not here on My own. He sent Me on a mission.

~John 8:42, The VOICE


When Christ returns and sets up His new order, greatness will be redefined.


my thoughts red

Jesus drew large crowds to the dismay and displeasure of the Jewish religious leaders. Jesus taught God’s word with clarity and authority; He had a genuine love for people and He had Messianic powers to heal the sick and cast out demons. These were some of the reasons He drew huge crowds but HIS MISSION was not to draw large crowds. Jesus said to the Pharisees, “I am not pursuing My own fame. If I was trying to make a name for myself, I would be defeating MY PURPOSE. The kind of fame this world seeks is worth nothing. It is My Father who is behind Me, urging Me on and praising Me. The ONE who sent Me is with Me and I always do what pleases HIM.” {Selected from John 8, the Voice}

Jesus Mission was to please the Father. He did great things, awesome, unbelievable things; things that no man had ever done but He never allowed Himself to get caught up the hoopla or His greatness. Rather He emptied Himself and took on the form of a servant. My mission is not to be someone important or achieve something great. My mission is to obey Jesus Christ and bring honor to His name. I feel absolutely no pressure to be great. My hearts desire is to be faithful: He and He alone confers greatness. I love John Newton’s quote and I would like to adopt it personally: “I know two things–I am a great sinner and Jesus is a great Savior.”

my two cents worth.

Ray Rice, Janay PalmerWhat do I think about Ray Rice? I think he has a strong right punch. Wow, he knocked her completely out. When he picked her up to carry her out of the elevator, she was as limp as a wet dish rag. What shall I say about lovely Janay? Evidently she is not very smart and I would imagine the TKO did not help. Yesterday, she was screaming “foul.” The media has created this entire mess according to Janay. I think Mrs. Janay is worried about the pay and it’s a little late I’m afraid. I don’t care for the media or the NFL. The great majority of the media are liberal flakes who would not know the truth if it was standing in front of them and the NFL is a supporter of gay rights and persecutor of Christians [the real ones] but in this case, I agree with the verdict. The NFL may get in trouble for lying which doesn’t surprise me. But the woman being outraged over the release of the video is absurd. Evidently, she is not that smart. You don’t scream in the face of a man who has a violent temper. I think he is crazy for punching her in the face and she was crazy for getting in his face.  Most women prefer to be hit with cash rather than a fist. Ray Rice didn’t think twice and now Janay is worried about his pay. Look at the picture; his ear rings are bigger than hers. This tells me something is not right.Extra__logo-1_0

  • Today is our day to pray for the WORLD. According to VOM, there is severe persecution in Nigeria. Three thousand killed, hundreds kidnapped to be sold as slaves and thousands displaced. They also report severe persecution in Chiapas, Mexico. That is the Southern most state of Mexico. It borders Guatemala.
  • Ninety signed up for supper tonight…that is 90…Your missed our cooking didn’t you?
  • Cool weather coming this weekend. Big Mama says it’s going to dip into the 50’s at night. Big Mama has picked 18 5 gallon buckets of peas and they are still bearing. She wants a frost but she want get it this week.

Be Nice to others…Time will make a difference

young dogSome day you will not be the BIG DOG, but the old dog. Hopefully surrounded by some big friends



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