Ghost Stories

September 9, 2014

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He saw that the disciples were making little progress because they were rowing against a stiff wind. Before daylight He came near them, walking on the water, and would have passed by them. Some of them saw Him walking on the surface of the water, thought He was a ghost, and cried out. When they all saw Him, they were terrified.

~Mark 6:48-50, The VOICE


Faith is absolute trust in Christ–trust that could never imagine Jesus forsaking us.

~Oswald Chambers

my two cents worth.

Jesus dispatched His disciples by boat to the other side of the lake while He went to a mountain top to pray. The mountain overlooked the sea and the disciples were never out of Jesus sight nor mind. Before the disciples can reach the other side, they get caught in a turbulent storm. The disciples frantically fight the elements but seem to be making no progress. Just before daybreak, Jesus comes toward them walking on the water. They are terrified thinking He was a ghost. Jesus knew they were horrified so He called out, “Don’t be frightened, it is I.” When Jesus stepped into the boat, two amazing things happened: [1] The storm calmed and [2] the bank was very near.

All believers encounter storms even when we are being obedient to Christ. Storms can be frightening and they put our faith to the test. We must remember Jesus is always above the storm and in the storm. Some times it takes a while to see Him. Sometimes it gets frightening because we see the disturbed elements and we see the ghost but we don’t see Jesus. But in His time, Jesus will reveal Himself clearly and this will bring a calm and a peace to our soul. As a bonus, Jesus climbs in the boat with us. Jesus walks on the very waves that terrify us. All the elements we fear are under His feet.


  • Miss Clara came home yesterday, PTL.
  • You need to call Mandy today if you are coming to supper and I need to call Michelle and make arrangements for the bus kids. Someone remind me! I forgot it yesterday.
  • I talked with an IMB board member yesterday. He did answer my questions but I am still in a quandary. I was not shocked: what I expected was true. I want to discuss it with the deacons Sunday before we make any decision about what to do next.
  • We ordered the bibles for the MORNING IN THE PARK event September 27. I am excited. I came up with a way today to make coffee in the van so we can set up a table and serve coffee, muffins, water, etc.
  • Today is our day to PRAY FOR TEACHERS.

2 Responses to “Ghost Stories”

  1. This deacon isn’t sending a dime of his money to anything with Platt’s name on it. I did a good deal of research today and from what I see he is a five point Calvinist. His church didn’t give a dime to the Cooperative Program until he was elected. My vote is send our money to Grace Ministries where we know the money is used wisely by good stewards. If anyone has different information I’m certainly open but, from what I see currently it is a no-brainer.

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