The Revelation

September 1, 2014

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Worthy is the Lamb who was slain. Worthy is the Lamb to receive authority and wealth and wisdom and greatness and honor and glory and praise.

~Revelation 5:12, The VOICE


It is Christ who is to be exalted, not our feelings. We will know Him by obedience, not by emotions. Our love will be shown by obedience, not by how good we feel about God at a given moment.

~Elisabeth Elliot

my two cents worth.

I finished reading the Revelation of Jesus Christ yesterday in the VOICE. I don’t know how many times I have read the Revelation but it doesn’t seem to help; I understand very little. There is no danger in me writing on the subject of prophecy. There are some impressions that do get stronger each time I read these mysterious chapters.

  1. First and foremost, The LAMB {Jesus Christ} is the ultimate Victor.
  2. There will be an intense struggle between good and evil between now and the end.
  3. During this time of struggle, there will be temptation, trails, suffering, persecution and even set backs as the devil makes an all out effort to defeat the LAMB. He will unleash his fury as the clock ticks down.
  4. Things will get worse before we see the final outcome.
  5. Catastrophic things are going to happen toward the end.
  6. There is a day in the future when God will unleash His wrath against all who have rejected His Son. They slapped Him in the face, they plucked out His beard, that spit in His face, they mocked, ridiculed, stripped Him, beat Him unmercifully, nailed Him to a cross and then laughed at Him as He suffered but there will be a pay-day for all Christ haters.
  7. The final battle will not be a struggle: Christ will put down all foes with the power of His presence and the breath of His mouth. He will not break a sweat. It will be a no-doubter from the get go.

What does Air Florida Flight 90, Air Ontario Flight 1363 and Continental Flight 3407 have in common? All three crashed from an ice build up on the wings. For modern jets to stay in the air, they must have a way to keep the ice from building up on the wings. They do this by having foils on the wings that deflate in inflate. If these systems fail and ice builds up on the wings, the plane will eventually go down from the weight of the ice. Sin works in a similar fashion, one of these days the sheer weight of our sin is going to take us down.


  • Clara should come home today. I’m not sure about Steve. Joe David visited him yesterday but I didn’t talk to him afterwards. I’m thinking Steve may get to go home also.
  • My proofer conked out on me last night. I am having bad headaches from computers and TV. I watched a movie yesterday evening and got it started and nothing seems to help. Getting on the computer has the same effect so there is not telling how many mistakes you will find in this blog.
  • GREAT SERVICE yesterday. Joe David preached his best sermon ever and the praise and worship is always good. We got another great rain at 1120. I sat under a shed and read while it rained. I love to hear rain hitting a tin roof.
  • Question: Can you climb a water fall? Is it possible for John Tanner to climb a water fall? Is it possible for anyone to climb a water fall? I hope your answer is yes.


extreme ice climbing

EXTRA/EXTRA From Bobby of L.A.


Extreme Rock jumping


extreme diving


extreme tree camping


extreme sking


Extreme Meditation


Extreme stupid



extreme picnic



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