August 19, 2014

Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


Jews: Put Him away; crucify Him!

Pilate: You want me to crucify your King?

Chief Priests: We have no king but Caesar!

~John 19:14-15, The VOICE


“Crucifixion is the most cruel and disgusting punishment ever devised and should be far removed  from the mind, the eyes, and the ears of every Roman.”


my two cents worth.

How many Jews did the Romans crucify? I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this question. They say that Titus crucified as many as 500 per day during the siege of Jerusalem [70 A.D.] and the siege lasted three months. If my math is right, that would be 45,000 and the Romans had been crucifying Jews for more than a hundred years before Titus. Over the century and a half that the Romans ruled the Jews, I’m going to guess  the numbers are more than a quarter of a million.  So the Romans crucified hundreds of thousands of Jewish men: can you name three of them?

No but you can name One and only One. Is Jesus unique or what! Is this not amazing! They crucify over a quarter of a million Jews and we can remember only ONE. The world says He is just a man. Yeah, right; the world would not recognize the truth if He were looking them in the face. Jesus is the unique Son of God. He not only stood out in history; He will stand out in eternity. Hallelujah, what a SAVIOR!


  • JET, Terry and Becky’s grandson got here in a hurry, born before 6:00 am yesterday morning. I got into it with the volunteers at the desk, I ask for Cassie Brenner. They said, “We do have a Cassie Brenner.” I said, “Yes you do, she had a baby this morning.” “I’m sorry sir, but we have no one by that name,” said one of the two. I said, “look under Kassie, she may spell it with a K.” She retorted, “No, we don’t have a Kassie, we have a Klarissa with a K and it is probably her, but I can’t give you the information. You have to know the correct name.” I said, “You have to be kidding, Do you work for the government or the hospital?” She said, “We don’t work for either, we are volunteers.” I said, “Are you democrats.” The one on the left said, “Sure, that explained it all doesn’t it.” She was mad as an old sitting hen but the other one was laughing. Some of you probably don’t get it but Bill Clinton is the bird that got this stupid law passed so that preachers have to have the full name before they can get information. The law has sometime to do with protecting the privacy of patients but I guarantee you it is connected to the gays somehow.  Speaking of Slick Willy, I never thought I would miss him but as sorry as he is, he beats what we have now. I did get the information.
  • Joe David just called, we have breakfast for the football team on August 29 at 7:00 am in the parlor. We are taking volunteers. I imagine he wants a high protein meal so we will do eggs, meat, biscuits and gravy. Maybe some hashbrowns or grits if we have enough help.
  • Remember visitation for Ben Blankinship’s grandmother is tonight at Pecks, 4:00-6:00.
The 4:00 PM Crowd

The 4:00 PM Crowd

The toughest job in the park and the young married love it.

The toughest job in the park and the young married love it.

The BEST funnel cake team in the USA

The BEST funnel cake team in the USA

A beautiful smile by Floyd

A beautiful smile by Floyd…{Catfish, I’m going to kill you}

He's hot, he's hot: it is Sir Lancelot

He’s hot, he’s hot: it is Sir Lancelot

Two of a kind; either that are the peace sign

Two of a kind; either that are the peace sign


Ludwig von duck

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