What’s In It For Me?

August 18, 2014


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You just told that man to leave everything and follow You. Well, all of us have done just that, so what should we be expecting.

~Matthew 19:27, The VOICE


“The world spins, but not around you!”
― Jasper Comstock


Jesus has just told the rich young ruler that He would convert his earthy treasure into heavenly assets if he would sell all, give it to the poor and follow HIM. After hearing this exchange, Peter asked the above question, “We have left all to follow YOU, what is in it for us?” I am shocked Jesus did not crawl his case for asking such a selfish question but it is the question that we fallen humans most often ask. One chapter further, Zebedee’s wife [the mother of James and John] brings her two sons and kneel before Jesus. Jesus says, “What do you want?” It was obvious that she wanted something and her request were purely selfish; she wanted her sons to have prominence in the coming kingdom. A few verses later, two blind men come to Jesus, “LORD, Son of David, have mercy on us.” Jesus said, “What is that you want?” Of course they wanted their sight. This is an ordinary day in the life of Jesus: everyone hitting on Him for something they want.

As Joe David pointed out in yesterday’s message: we have a tendency to despise the Jews for the very things that we are guilty of ourselves. We look at these N.T. characters like the wife of Zebedee and wonder, “How could these people be so self-centered? Jesus is on His way to a cross and all they think about is what they want.” What did you think about yesterday during in worship, were you totally focused on HIM or thinking about something you wanted? What are you thinking about today? Is it not something you want? There must come a time in our life when we give more consideration to what Jesus wants than what we want.


  • Another good day and another PTL Sunday night. Joe David did excellent yesterday morning and I had a ball last night. I love to preach and I am always delighted to have some one to preach to. I want to thank Noah and Sloan and the band for our music. I love our kids, they do a great job. We also had good attendance in both services and a great offering. Thank YOU Jesus!
  • Ben Blankenship’s grandmother  {Elaine Winton} passed away on Saturday and visitation for the family is Tuesday night at Pecks…6:00-8:00.
  • Terry and Becky’s daughter Kassie Brenner goes in at mid-night [Sunday]. The baby is expected sometime today. Cassie is at Huntsville Women and Children.
  • It is hard to believe that summer is over for the kids, school is in session and we are getting ready for our fall session of AWANA. Shohn is hosting a training session Wednesday night [August 20] for those who did not get to go to the clinic. You will be beginning at 5:30 and supper will be provided. The GATHERING will take place at 6:30 in the sanctuary.
  • August 27th will be a picnic and fun night for entire church plus AWANA registration. The first night of  AWANA is September 3. The first night of the Wednesday night suppers is September 10th.
  • Election Results: Jason Bowling elected to Personnel, Rickey Fields and Tracey Holladay to Budget, Beth Jones to WEE Care, Ashley Holladay and Jim Tanner to Nominating Committee and Trustees are Rickey Fields and Sam Anders, Deacons are Jeff Bass and Jeff Garner.
It's no mistake, it's Bryan Drake

It’s no mistake, it’s Bryan Drake

Happy as a couple of Clarks

Happy as a couple of Clarks

Beautiful Hannah Marie Clardy love the Block Party

Beautiful Hannah Marie Clardy loved the Block Party

Doc Holladay... Missionary/Tooth Puller

Doc Holladay… Missionary/Tooth Puller/Lover of Children

Break Time!

Break Time!

David and The Giants

David and The Giants


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