Liberating Truth

August 4, 2014



Celebrate Jesus.crimsonjpg


“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

~John 8:32, NLT


True freedom is a spiritual condition: a person can be free within a prison or be in a prison though not incarcerated. It is not where we are but who we know that makes us free.


my two cents worth.

Insecurity is captivating, it can make you its prisoner in a hurry. Truth has liberating power; it can set us free of anxiety and fear. What truth has this amazing power? The truth that Jesus Christ has conquered sin, death, hell and the grave. He has mastered every situation you could possibly face, forgiven every sin you could possibly commit and given you assurance of eternal life. Why live in a prison of fear: embrace the truth. Meditate on it until you see the prison doors swing open. You are free to go, to live, to serve, to love, to be loved and fulfilled as a person. And that my friend is the truth!


  • God is good. Every Sunday night, I feel the same emotion and the same sense of gratitude: God is good, merciful and gracious. If He never did another thing for me, I would be morally obligated to praise HIM for all that He has done in the past. He is infinitely good, perfectly good. What about that duet: was not awesome or what! God has blessed DBC with incredible talent.
  • Our Mississippi Friends made it home safely last night: what an incredible day we had with them. We are so thankful they got to come.
Ruth to my right, Dee to left and Renea far left: Big Mama always right.

Ruth to my right, Dee to left and Renea far left: Big Mama always right.

  • My neighbor Ray has had Israel on his heart lately, he reads all the time and watches the news. Israel has been under attack. When I saw Ray’s burden a few nights back it got me to thinking and I have been praying for Israel since. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that they will recognize and give glory to its Prince. I feel very confident that God is going to use Israel in a very significant way.
  • I commended the church last night for all that they have done for the community and the children who are about to start back to school. The paper drive went great and Janet is delivering paper supplies to all three schools today. Thank you folks: you are the best!
  • Yesterday was huge: we have 37 Teams going visiting Wednesday night. Team Leaders, you are responsible for enlisting your team members. Youth and children can help. I will be working on routes and maps the next two days and Mandy will be putting the bags together. Some have already volunteered to help and you can call her if you want to assist in this project. We are going to have pizza instead of Chick-Fil-A which is a wise move on the part of my executive assistant. So here is our BP schedule:
    • Mon-Wed prepare for visitation and knock on every door in Danville
    • Thursday…fencing, cleaning pavilion and amphitheater and GRACE BARN Thursday evening. We will set up FORTE at 5:00 and be ready to receive at 6:00
    • Friday…processing and receiving at Grace Barn, receiving equipment, tables, etc.
    • Saturday…final touches, setting up Coke Tents [3] games, etc. Lunch break and then cooking at 3:00 and wrapping at 4:00, plus setting up sound and stages.

a tyler and girl friend

a neil getting the feel

a mandy and robin_n

a Kevin and josh

a hope and lexi


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