To Be or Not to Be, Holy!

July 20, 2014


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But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy. For the Scriptures say, “You must be holy because I am holy.”
~I Peter 1:15-16


Holiness is not the way to Christ–Christ is the way to holiness.


For the second week in a row, I sat down to study my LCBS lesson and I did not comprehend a thing so I took a nap. What is your reaction to this implicit command to be holy. It is found throughout scripture. There is not a single reference to it in the O.T., there are multiple references. Over and over again. Leviticus 20:7 reads, “So set yourselves apart to be holy, for I am the LORD your God.” This command is found 6 times in Leviticus alone. How many holy people do you know? Most Baptist can’t think of a single person when asked this question whereas our holiness friends will recite a list. A lot depends on our definition of holy. The word holy {I Peter 1:15-16} is hagios and it is used in two ways in scripture: [1] It speaks of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who are absolutely holy in purity, majesty and glory. [2] It is also used of men and things in so far as they are devoted to God. These are called hagioi “Saints”…”Sanctified” or “Holy ones.” The Temple was also called holy, as were certain places in the temple. The church is referred to as a Holy Nation, Holy Priesthood and our bodies are referred to as Holy Temples.
In today’s lesson we see some characteristics of a holy person:
  1. They are obedient to Christ [v.14]
  2. They do not conform {not afraid to be different} [v. 14]
  3. They are not man-pleasers but God-fearers [v.17]
  4. They work from the point of redemption {Christ work on the cross}. They understand that it is what He did that makes us holy. [v. 18-19]
  5. They are empowered by Christ resurrection. [v.21]
  6. They love sincerely. [v.22]
  7. They incarnate the word of God. [v.23]

We cannot be something we are not. Holiness is a divine miracle. I could never put my self in a position to be holy, Christ did this for me. Everything is grace from A-Z, the Redemption of Christ made me holy, the resurrection of Christ enables me to live holy. God puts it in me but my obedience to Christ is what works it out. The reason I and most others don’t live a holy life is that we focus on our weakness and failure and not God’s power.

  1. God’s power spoke creation into existence. You and I were  not there, we had nothing to do with it.
  2. God’s power liberated Israel from the powerful grasp of Pharaoh: who in the world at that time thought such a thing was possible. God did it with ease!
  3. God’s power can liberate you and I from bad habits and selfish ways: Study the life of Paul for an example.
  4. God’s power is greater than any possession or addiction: Mary Magdalene would be a prime example.
  5. God’s power can make things new even in a sinful world. The church would be an example.

God is a genius, you cannot be holy unless you are willing but you will not be holy a part from His grace. Oswald Chambers say, “We can’t be holy but we can give Christ permission to make us Holy.” He has it fixed it so no one can brag. Holiness can only be achieved one way, HIS!

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  • Excited about the FRONT PEW SHOWER today…anxious to see if it goes well.
  • Joe David in preaching in Hatton today: he will be back with us Wednesday night.acts 1.8 image
  • Scratch sheet for Deacons and Trustees is in the foyer [you have three weeks]


ysam EXTRA




A lot of you remember Glenn Coffee who played running back at Alabama. He played a couple of years in the pro’s and had one really good year before abruptly retiring. He recently graduated jump school in Fort Benning. Here is his testimony about leaving the NFL…

As far as the NFL goes, I have a hard time putting it like this because it sounds kind of harsh, but I feel like it ruins a lot of lives more than anything else. And that goes for people who have short careers in the NFL and long careers in the NFL. Because what happens is they see that as success. And money throughout your life has nothing to with your salvation inChrist. A lot of players get that money. And they chase that money, man, and I feel that they’re really missing the true meaning of life. So I’m constantly afraid for the NFL and the players because kids growing up nowadays, they see that as the end all, be all. And that’s just not the case.

Coffee did not like California. He missed Alabama and regretted leaving. He said, “I quit the NFL because my heart was not in it. I believed the Lord was leading me to do something else.”


Glenn Coffee

Glenn Coffee


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