July 14, 2014

celebrate Jesus


“Do not lie. Do not deceive one another.”

~Leviticus 9:11, NIV


I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.

~George Washington


George Washington’s deepest core value was integrity. He wanted to be and to be remembered as an honest man. The George Washington types {honest men} are hard to find. Shakespeare believed you find only one in a thousand. We generally think of lying as words said but many a man has been deceived by what was not said, that should have been said. The word of God is clear, we are not to deceive others by either bad information of withholding information. Every man should speak truth to his neighbor. People who are driven by a single motive are more apt to be honest where as people who have divided loyalties are much more prone to duplicity and deception. God is not going to hold the dupe responsible for your cunning deception. It is a mistake to let someone deceive you but no where in scripture is it identified as a sin. It is most definitely a sin to deceive in any fashion.


  • BLOCK PARTY is a go…Offering was $4,483.00 which gives us a grand total of $10,375.21 with three more offering to go. This a couple of thousand more than we had last year. I am excited because the LORD has given us a clear indication in terms of direction. As always, we are going to try to make the party better and more evangelistic. We have most of the stage personalities lined up but we have a couple of additional things we are working on. Budget offering was good and attendance better but not great.
  • Good service last night and great offering…Way to go DBC, I commend you on your generosity.
  • Work night this Wednesday: we are going to do some work in the FORTE. One crew will work on the ramp, some will be painting and some cleaning. Plenty of work for anyone who wants to help: we start at 6:30. No service in the Sanctuary: everyone is invited to work.
  • YOUTH LEAVING THIS MORNING for Toccoa Falls, Georgia for a week of camp.
Toccoa Falls, Georgia

Toccoa Falls, Georgia


15th block party


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