What A Father!

July 3, 2014

celebrate Jesus


“So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.”

~Luke 12:32, NLT


Our Heavenly Father’s love is always supernatural, always a miracle and always the last thing we deserve.

~Robert Horn

my thoughts red

I love the parable of the loving father in Luke 15: he is the only character in the story who never changes, never stops giving, forgiving and loving. Try to imagine the prodigal coming to his senses: so hungry he could eat slop and then it dawns on him, “Father is a good man and he would probably take me on as a hired hand.” Then he decides to return and throw himself on the mercy of his father. It was a good move; his father lavished him with gifts and all were undeserved. I would bet that every kid in the county wanted to be one of this man’s sons: wow, what a father!

This father in Luke 15 is a reference to our Heavenly Father. Who is the most generous person you have every known? He or she is a skin-flint compared to our heavenly Father who is going to give us the kingdom. I don’t deserve a kingdom. The prodigal didn’t deserve a robe, ring, sandals or party. If the world only understood what a fantastic FATHER we have, they would surely want to be member of the family.


  • I’m going to have to go back to work to get some rest. I have decided that I could not get caught up even if I retired. Every time I get one project completed, I see two more that needs doing. The week is passing swiftly: I knew it would.
  • I would share some news with you but I don’t know anything. I do think Shohn has a work night planned for tonight. If you are a painter, they are painting the FORTE. The bottom is gray and the top will be crimson. I bet that got your attention.

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