June 18, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


Aristarchus, who is in prison with me, sends you his greetings.

~Colossians 4:10, NLT


Idolatry is having a greater loyalty to any object, idea, philosophy, habit, occupation, sport, or person rather than to Christ. 



Aristarchus was Paul’s traveling companion, faithful servant and loyal friend. His name means “the best ruler” coming from the two Greek words ‘Arist’ {best} and ‘Archus’ {ruler}. Perhaps he came from an aristocratic family, no one knows. What we do know is that he joined Paul on his third Missionary journey and followed him for the rest of his life. He went with Paul to Jerusalem and in order to stay near him to be his helper, he gave up his freedom to become Paul’s personal slave. Legally, the Romans had to treat him as a part of Paul’s possessions. So when Paul went to Rome, Aristarchus shipped with him and was able to be at Paul’s side. It get’s better: It is believed that he was executed along side Paul. We know he was executed by the same man, Nero who was no one’s hero; just a big zero. Aristarchus, what a friend! What loyalty!

If they put me in Capshaw for denouncing homosexuality as a sin, would you be willing to go to prison with me? If you are really my friend, just see to it that I get solitary confinement with a laptop, table, lamp, internet, and all my bibles.


  • CELEBRATION OF LIFE SERVICE for Gwendolyn Templeton Segars will be today [June 18] at Peck’s Chapel at 6:00 PM. Visitation will be from 4:00-6:00. I visited Gwendolyn and T.G. several times after T.G. had his stroke but she never said much to me. I did get her to laugh  on one occasion but I best not tell that story, Willowdean might have a computer. I do know this, she was a hard worker and she loved to garden. When ever I saw her, I would ask her about her tomatoes. She had a green thumb.
  • As you may or may not know, I have always let Chloe have her way with me but yesterday she kicked my glass of tea over, it was the last tea in the picture and I had taken only a sip or two and I raised my voice to her and she cried for 30 minutes. 

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