Singing A capella

June 17, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


But how can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a pagan land?
~Psalm 137:4, NLT


What do we do when the music stops? We sing the songs of faith life Paul and Silas, a capella if necessary.

Wally Amos Blackman

my thoughts red

I don’t usually start with a video but watch this before you read the devotion…you will enjoy the video, it is vintage Barney Fife.

The Jews were taken from their land and placed in relocation camps in Babylon. They were very unhappy with their circumstances. Their captors had heard stories about their musical ability, how they sang as they marched up to Zion and so they taunted the Jews, saying, “Do us a number…it’s in your blood…come on and perform for us”…But the Jews refused to sing. They hung their harps on the Willows by the river bank and clammed up. No music, no singing…they were not in the mood. What do we do when our circumstances turn sour? What do we do when the music stops? Paul and Silas sang hymns of the faith with no piano, organ, guitar or drums. We cannot let the world take our song. What ever you do, keep singing, a capella if necessary.

The above thoughts came from Walter E. Blackman’s message at the Pastor’s Conference [6/16/14]. Wally is the pastor of East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle. He is a good preacher and an excellent pastor.

EXTRA animated

  • Gwendolyn Segars departed this world Monday evening [6/16] around 2-3 pm. They will make arrangement first thing Tuesday am. Mrs. Segars had a massive stroke last Saturday morning.
  • Big difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day attendance wise. One of the deacons said that it is not fair: The mothers get praised and the fathers get chewed out. My daddy use to say the same thing. As Scar says, “Life is not fair.”
  • I got it all wrong: Bill Harrison is still at HH, coming home today and Cassie and boys are home safe and sound.
Lori at Feeding Center

Lori at Feeding Center

DBC Crew

DBC Crew


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