I Will Praise HIM!

June 9, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


I will praise You, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.

~Psalm 9:1, NLT


In almost everything that touches our everyday life on earth, God is pleased when we’re pleased. He wills that we be as free as birds to soar and sing our maker’s praise without anxiety.

~A.W. Tozer

my thoughts red

I try not to make a habit of personal testimony but every now and then I take a privilege. I am truly thankful for a great week of VBS and feel extremely blessed to have such fantastic workers. Our divisional directors were outstanding; our music teachers were excellent and so was our refreshment team. Our craft barn is always great and so is our rec. Probably the hardest job is the nursery and our Nursery team was out of this world, all were Senior Adults ranging from 55-93 except three, maybe four. The kids did great on the pledges all week long and last night they were outstanding. I have never heard a group of kids do so well. It was thrilling and chilling. Our Drama team is superb! Tara wrote the drama for last night. To top it off, a father came up to me last night and thanked me for working with his children is VBS. It’s very ironic, I talked about being unappreciated yesterday morning in LCBS and then this man proved me wrong.  When I got home last night, I started listing the good things God has done for us this week. I just want to praise God for yesterday and last week.

  • Kenny Holladay had a good day yesterday. He and Gregg went riding around and he went down to see his mom. He also ate a good meal and enjoyed it. PTL!
  • The rain passed over us!
  • Great VBS program and picnic. [Great turnout]
  • Great message yesterday morning.
  • Fantastic Guatemala offering, over $1,500
  • Zeb’s LCBS class cooking and Johnny letting us use his grill.


I had to chew my cud twice yesterday: first on the unappreciated remark and then on the “Loving each other” during fellowship. Peggy Lindsey is always late for the GG breakfast, but it is usually 5 minutes. We waited on her 15 minutes Saturday am and then I finally called Sheila to see if Peggy had picked up Mrs. Jewel. Sheila said, “Oh, they are not coming, didn’t they tell you.” I told the girls at the table, she is in for the chewing of her life. Our LCBS lesson was on love and loving each other. So I get preachy in the welcome time and tell everyone to greet someone and love them. Then like a hypocrite, I make a bee line for Peggy to chew her out. I found her and started chewing, she interrupted me immediately and said, “Aren’t you suppose to be loving me?” It cut to the bone, plus it amused all who heard. I hate to admit it but Peggy Sue got the best of me. She put me in my place.


  • Anna Shaneyfelt to have heart test today at DGH.
  • Lori, Dena, Haley Rae, Bev and the General flying to Guatemala this week [Thursday].
  • Naola and Sheila flying to the Islands on Tuesday.
  • Jennifer Burks COLS today at West Hartselle.
  • Josie was sick last night and had to miss program and picnic.

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