June 7, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

~John 8:32, NLT


The Apostle Paul was put in prison but that did not make him a prisoner, not spiritually; he knew the truth!

~Bertolt Brecht

my thoughts red

What enslaves men? The answer is fear: you cannot enslave a man who is unafraid. The key to overcoming fear is to know the truth. I did not say “To hear the truth” but to know it. All deeply insecure people lie and I don’t mean little white lies: I mean they lie habitually and pathologically. They are convinced that their survival depends on their ability to deceive others. To them, a lie is a brick, a bar, a wall that they erect to protect themselves. It never dawns of them they are building a prison. The wall they built to protect enslaves. If they could only know the truth and tell it, the truth would set them free. For the deeply insecure, the greatest of all fears–“If the truth were known,” no one would love them and this is definitely a lie. Sadly, they are convinced this lie is the truth.

EXTRA animated

  • GOLDEN GIRLS this morning: CB at 9:00 am.
  • FRONT PEW SHOWER Sunday for 61 year old man who lives in Presbyterian Towers. He needs hygiene products, towels, bath cloths, sheets, pillow cases and things for his kitchen. Penny Roy is the project leader. If you have questions, give Penny a Call. The items you donate do not have to be new.
  • My heart is filled with Thanksgiving and Praise for another great VBS/VBX. I commend our Division Leaders, Master Teachers, and all workers. One of the things I enjoy is getting to do VBS with my children and grandchildren. June and Holly work in the Nursery, Joe David and Lori work in VBX and Lara and Lexi are group leaders and help with joint worship. So all our GK’s are there except Seth.
  • We ask for some fed-back today and everything we got was very positive. LifeWay’s early bird kit cost more then the entire GO-FISH “Gotta Move” school. Saving money was a consideration. I had nothing to do with the selection: Mandy and Shohn studied curriculums for two weeks before making a decision. This was their choice. I did give my approval but also had my doubts. They deserve the credit. Darlene said the lesson material was the best ever and that comes from one of the top Children’s teachers in the State. The kids loved it. So bottom line, I am thankful.
  • Of course we have one more event and that is the program Sunday Night at 6:00: followed by picnic [hamburger and dogs].
  • We did have three professions of faith which is down but our over all numbers were down. We begin losing them big time at the 4th and 5th grade level. Last year, 4th grade was huge, this year is was half the number. Parents are not much help: they let the kids do what they please. It is sad when parents make their kids play ball and go to school but let them decide about church. I have to be honest, if my mother had let me do what I wanted, I would have been at the creek, not VBS. As it was my only other option was the cotton field but things have changed.


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