The Way Of The World

June 4, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plain, and pitched his tent toward Sodom.

~Genesis 13:12


The gentle breeze of compromise is more destructive to our souls than harsh winds of adversity.


my thoughts red

I like the AV translation of Genesis 13:12…Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom. Lot did not move into Sodom immediately, he kept pitching his tent closer and closer until he was at the city gates. After time, he pitched his tent in the garbage and moved into a house inside the city. Lot was mentored by a separatist, a holy man who taught him how to live as a pilgrim in a world which is not our home but Lot was attracted to the ways of the world.  Many people believe that Lot’s appetite for the world was salted by his trip to Egypt. Obviously, Lot was attracted to the world and its ways but he did not become worldly over night. His fatal journey began with a compromise and then another and another until he lost everything he had except his life and his two daughters. He lost his testimony, his integrity, his inheritance, and all his earthly possessions. In the end, he didn’t even have a tent, he lived in a cave. Beware of the ways of the world. One compromise leads to another: where are you going to draw the line?


  • Day two of VBS/VBX very good, very good indeed. We had 184 but would had more had not some folks got sick. Got a little stomach virus going around. It always takes a day or two to get acquainted with the material and yesterday went fine, PTL.
  • Our Drama Team is sensational except for Guy Spaghetti who has not to date learn his lines. Haley Clark could be in Hollywood and Tara Jolly is also very talented. Tara does her part in a British voice: it is over the top.
  • VBXers are going to the CARING PLACE Thursday and they need can good or clothes. Friday, they are going all over the country. Wherever they go, they are going to have fun. They told me where all they were going but I either did not listen well or I have forgotten.
  • REMEMBER…no mid-week services tonight.
  • Foghorn left out a word, the stupid idiot. I’m not changing it…takes too much time.

foghorn Iam a joking son


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