Goodness, His

May 31, 2014


celebrate Jesus Son of God


He saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit.

~Titus 3:5, NLT


God cannot accept goodness from me. He can only accept my badness, and He will give me the solid goodness of the LORD Jesus in exchange for it.

~Oswald Chambers

my thoughts red

Some people believe that being good will get you to heaven and where as it sounds right it is not. Simply being good does not measure up to God’s standard of perfection and that would include motives as well as actions. There is one thing that I have no doubt about, humanity as a whole is depraved. God sent His Son not just to die on a cross but to live a life of perfect goodness in our stead. He died for us yes, but He also lived for us. Edward Mote got it right, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.” If you are trusting anything other than the righteousness of Christ, you are not on the solid Rock.



I got to the church yesterday morning at 6:00 am and fired up the old smoker. I want to thank Johnny Burnett for helping me and Jeff Bass for the use of his smoker. It went well, better than I expected and we had a great turn out [38]. I was very pleased to see the turn out and every one of Jeremy’s ribs were consumed. Everything was good especially the deviled eggs. Mandy’s slaw was great and all the deserts were good: everything was excellent. Then I ran home and did some projects, took a shower and headed back to the synagogue. Had it not been for Zeb’s LCBS class we would have been in trouble last night. People we were counting on did not show. I texted one man that we were counting heavenly on and he was in Atlanta: can you believe it. I want to tell all you slackers something: Zeb and crew saved the day and I hope by lunch today to have the first phase completed. Some of you should feel really bad and I want to do all I can to make you feel worse. We even had one cripple man there who had to drag a bad leg around all night because we were short-handed. Here is the good news, you have a chance to redeem yourself today [May 31]. We begin at 8:00 am. We have a great team leader and we need to show him some respect by showing up. Freddie is disgusted with all of you. If you think you have problems read on: I get home at 10:00 pm last night dog tired and I have a house full of grandkids…it gets better…I am filthy and dying to get my shower but one of my daughters who had been clubbing at Rosies beat me to the bathroom and bombs the place. Rosie Cantina torn her stomach up, bless her heart. My GK’s are hopping around the den like Mexican jumping beans; I have saw dust all over me and I have to wait an hour before I can enter my one and only bathroom. So its 11:00, I am dirty, tired, have a splinter in my finger and feeling disrespected but I have about worked up the courage to enter the contaminated area. Hopefully, I will feel better after shower. This is all I have to say, no extra.


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