May 30, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


Jesus said, “There’s trouble ahead when you live only for the approval of others…your task is to be true, not popular.

~Luke 6:26, MSG


When it comes to pleasing God, no work is better than any other. To wash dishes and to preach is all one.

~William Tyndale

my thoughts red

Many people worry constantly about what others think of them. They are slaves to public opinion. They spend their lives trying to be politically correct and give no thought to pleasing Christ. As one performer said, “They need to kill the foot lights and turn up the house lights where they can see the only VIP in the audience, Jesus!” In the final analysis, His review is the only one that matters.

When I think of integrity, I think of Job. He would not yield to public opinion or social pressure. Job was unafraid to be himself. It is impossible to live on this sin cursed planet without having some anxiety but you will have far less when you focus on pleasing Christ instead of people. If you perform to please others, you may please some but it will come at the expense of your own integrity. Be yourself; be who God created you to be. Some will like it and some will not. The big advantage for you is that you will enjoy being yourself and God will be honored. He does not like pretense and when you stop and think; you don’t like it either. 


  • I must be crazy: I don’t know what I was thinking when I planned this week: Senior Adult cook out this morning, we start the chickens at 6:00 am and then we will be starting the handicap ramp at 6:00 pm and then after that Graduation. Yesterday we cleaned out the Grace Barn and got it ready for VBS, finished all our props. I was so tired that I struggled to get home then had to go to Athens. We may have to do a rerun Sunday. I could preach the one entitled…Everything I Know About Women…It would take less than a minute.
  • Sunday is June 1 and it is promotion day in LCBS for pre-school, children and youth. Our adults don’t promote, we just change the sign on the door.
  • Along with a full schedule, we will be getting ready for VBS/VBX Sunday. Sunday morning after worship, we need to clean off the stage so we could use some muscle which is not easy to come by at DBC. We have men that will stand and talk while the women carry the weight. The few of us who are gentlemen are too old to lift much. I’m doing good to carry my own weight but I will do my part but I will need some help, some strong help. There is one problem, I will forget what I am supposed to do if someone doesn’t remind me.
  • Big Mama’s forecast for new week is hot and humid. Let’s pray that she is wrong. She probably is not but I would like for her to be. I would like another week like this one.



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