May 28, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


 Suddenly, two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared and began talking with Jesus. They were glorious to see. And they were speaking about His exodus from this world, which was about to be fulfilled in Jerusalem.

~Luke 9:30-31, NLT


There is no surer proof of Christ’s divinity than that He is still so hated some two thousand years after his exodus.
~ Ann Coulter

my thoughts red

I once asked an Italian, “How do you say Pizza in your language?” He said promptly, “Pizza.” The word ‘exodus’ is the same in the Greek as it is in English. The Greek word for our word exodus is exodus. It means to depart; to leave one place and go to another. When we think exodus, we always think of the Children of Israel leaving Egypt but in Luke 9 it is used as the subject of Jesus conversation with Moses and Elijah. What did they talk about? They were discussing Jesus exodus from this world! Speaking of exodus, Moses had a mysterious exodus. No one knows the location of his grave. Elijah had a miraculous exodus: he went heavenward in a whirlwind. Jesus did not have it so easy, His exodus was by way of a cross.

Think about the Exodus of the Israelites: they left the house of bondage and journeyed into the great unknown. Barclay calls it the greatest adventure in human history; an entire nation putting their utter trust in God. Humanly speaking, there was no way Moses could take a million plus people through a wilderness that is so barren, so full of death that even a snake has a hard time surviving but they made it; by the grace of God they made it and so will we.

foghorn sharp as a bowling ball


  • We did not have a great crowd last Sunday but we did have two great offerings: we are within a couple of Sundays of getting started on the Block Party offering. My concern today is Baccalaureate. Mr. Hardy and one of the other teachers have done a lot of work in preparation and we will be doing more today. It begins at 6:30 tonight. We need one Trustee and a couple of greeters to pass out the programs. We could use your moral support and presence. There will be plenty of room.
  • VBS and VBX begins next Monday morning at 8:30 and our rehearsal for Joint Worship is Sunday evening at 5:00.
  • SENIOR ADULT COOK OUT is Friday…BBQ Chicken, Ribs and trimmings. Seniors, your option is baked beans, potato salad or a dessert.
  • Friday night at 6:00 we will begin on the handicap ramp. Mother used to tell me that she got tired just reading our bulletin and now I know what she means, we have a lot going on.
  • Joe David is in New Orleans this week. He has to do one week on Campus each Semester now. He took a pic of the apartment that we lived in during our two years at NOBTS. I graduated NOBTS in May of 1974, this week 40 years ago. Wow! I do not look that old, do I????
Our Residence in Seminary

Our Residence in Seminary


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