Exhortations From Hebrews

April 26, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow. That would certainly not be for your benefit.

~Hebrews 13:17, NLT


I believe Hebrews 13:17 is one of the most despised verses in the bible. I have never heard a layman use or quote this verse.


my thoughts red

A great number of Baptist know about Hebrews 13:17 but what they don’t know is it concludes a list of exhortations: it is actually the last on a list of 13. I am reading the Williams translation and here is how he translates these exhortations…practical things that we are to practice.

  1. Continue to live in peace with everyone.
  2. Continue to look after everyone [this would include your elderly parents].
  3. Do not refuse to listen to His Voice [Father, Son and Holy Spirit] who is speaking to you. [The Israelites didn’t escape judgment simply because they refused to listen and neither will we]
  4. Continue to serve God acceptably in reverence and fear.
  5. Continue to practice brotherly love.
  6. Do not remain neglectful of showing hospitality to strangers.
  7. Continue to remember those in prison. [Especially the ones being persecuted for Christ sake]
  8. Marriage must be held in honor and the marriage relationship sacred.
  9. You must not give into greed. Be content with what you have.
  10. You must not forget your spiritual leaders who have taught you the word of God.
  11. You must stop getting sucked in to false doctrine. [Beware of that which tickles you fancy rather than step on your toes]
  12. You must stop neglecting to do good [acts of kindness] to others and work at being generous.
  13. Continue to respect and to submit to your spiritual leaders.

You can pick these exhortations out in any translation: just remember you are looking for practical commands. Let me ask one question: which one of the above do you find the most difficult to practice? For me is number six: I am afraid of strangers. I’m not very good at number seven either.

ysam EXTRA

  • Senior adult fellowship went well: very low attendance again: we had enough for 30 but only 15 showed up. Golden Girls meet one week from today.
  • I am still asking for you to pray for Kenny Holiday; He is still in a lot of pain but he complains very little if at all. He is a noble man if I’ve ever seen one. He may not be in a class on his on but it don’t take long to call roll. I really would appreciate you praying for Kenny.
  • We are canceling the Deacon’s meeting Sunday morning and asking Brent and one of the sound guys to come at 8:00 and we are going to change the projectors out and get the two good one in front. We moved the lift today. We will move it to the FORTE during LCBS and try to get those gym lights replaced, if John or Jarod are available: I have to teach and that is a little high for a 46 year old.
  • Funny video from Bobby. If this link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and type in HOW NOT TO INSTAGRAM How Not To Instagram

Senior Adult Fellowship april


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