Always Working

April 23, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


You too were dead because of the shortcomings and sins in which you once lived in accordance with the spirit of this present world, and the mighty prince of the air who is always at work in our disobedience.

~Ephesians 2, Williams


Satan is ever seeking to destroy our confidence in God’s goodness – especially in connection with his commandments. We become discontent with our status and begin craving something we don’t have and this lust for what we crave leads to disobedience.

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Jesus said to the Jewish leaders in John 5:17, “My Father is always working, and so am I.” In the scripture above, Paul tells us that the prince of the air [devil] is always at work. Bro. Inman was fond of telling about the woman who never criticized anyone; so one day the preacher decided to entrap her by asking, “What about the devil?” She said, “I will tell you this much, he is always busy.” Everyone is capable of disobedience and the devil works through the spirit of disobedience. You do not have to be what you define as a bad or evil person to be used of Satan, all you have to do is disobey one of Christ commands and the prince of the air will use you to his advantage. It could be something as simple as giving or helping your neighbor. If Christ speaks and you do not obey, the devil will work through your disobedience. Don’t get the idea that because you are committed, disciplined, or even practice self-control that the evil one cannot use you. Satan works mightily through the self-willed, religious or otherwise. The devil doesn’t really care so long as you take matters into your on hands.

EXTRA animated

  • Just when you think you have seen it all; guess what–you have not seen it all. I don’t think that I have attended a memorial service in the past where you remembered a husband and a wife at the same service. There is a lot I could say about the uniqueness of this situation but I’ve decided to take the high ground. Rev. Eddie Scheler is the Pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and he did a fantastic job with the service. He is the Lutheran’s version of Tim Keenum. He would have us laughing one minute and crying the next but mostly laughing. I am convinced Dietrich Bonhoeffer would be a member of this church if he were living in the area. They sing beautifully and without a director. If they had one, I never saw him or her. My oldest sister would love this church, it is organ lead.  You can’t get Baptist to sing with a director, a piano, organ, band, or hot stick. I’m telling you folks, I was impressed and Bro. Eddie loves and exalts Jesus. If you are Lutheran, you need to check out St. Paul’s.
  • I thought the best story in Bro. Eddie’s message was about Mrs. Waneta Wayand and the cookies. Bro. Eddie always found fresh cookies in his study on Easter Sunday [they fast on certain foods through lent] but last Sunday there were no cookies. Mrs. Wayand had been baking the cookies. “It is the little things we do to encourage each other that become big,” said Bro. Eddie.
  • After five week of driving a gas guzzling Titan, we get our car back today, PTL.
  • Regular schedule tonight with super beginning at 5:30.
  • Senior Adult Fish Fry Friday: if it is raining or threatening, we eat in the parlor.
  • I am very discouraged: went to Doctor to day for my check up and I had lost one pound. I’ve been eating lean cuisines for three weeks and I lost one lousy pound. Have you noticed what is in the middle of cuisine? Sin!


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