Cleansing The Temple

April 14, 2014

Celebrate Jesus-forth1


Then Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out the people selling animals for sacrifices. He said to them, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves.”

~Luke 19:45-46, NLT


There are two sins God abhors more than all others: the perversion of worship and sex.

~Bertha W. Smith

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The Jewish religious leaders hated Jesus because He could be transparent without compromising His integrity and they could not. They were actors, hypocrites and good at their profession. Until Jesus came, they had managed to fool practically everyone but Jesus saw through their duplicity and exposed them to the public. Underneath their religious garb was a greedy heart. The entire Temple system was corrupt and the Sadducees benefited the most because they held the key positions such as the office of High Priest. The money changers and merchants could not set up shop without permission from religious leaders who allowed it for a percentage of the take. Pilgrims were especially victimized by this corruption; their lambs were rejected which forced them to buy from the merchants. The priest were the inspectors of course and so you get the picture. They were not using the Temple as a place of prayer and worship: they had converted it to a market place for profit. Plus the Temple authorities would not take Roman currency which meant money had to be converted to the shekel and they charged a fee for exchanging the money.  In order for Jesus to restore the Temple to its proper use, He first had to clean it up.

EXTRA animated

  • One thing we know, DBC loves Domino Pizza night. Congratulations to Shohn for a great job in organizing the egg hunt. I know our grand’s had a ball and I bet we had 50 kids. We had 169 total for the gathering and pizza and we had several to leave after the egg hunt. We had a crowd and that is encouraging.
  • Joe David’s am message: When God Refuses To Listen. Three reasons God stop listening to Israel…[1] They stopped listening to HIM [2] They refused to obey [3] They acted presumptuously.
  • No arrangement on Arvid Wakefield or Alva Wayan.
  • I posted my pics on Twitter: it is easier for me.

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