Total Failure

April 5, 2014

Celebrate Jesus-forth1


They do not know God’s righteousness, and all the time they are going about trying to prove their own righteousness they have the wrong attitude to receive his.

~Romans 10:3, J.B. Phillips


The problem with the hypocrite is his motivation. He does not want to be holy; he only wants to seen as holy. He is more concerned with his reputation for righteousness than about actually becoming righteous in Christ.



I attended school for 19 straight years without a break and that included a couple of summers. Obviously, I was not a road scholar but I managed to get by, underline get by.” In 1965 Athens High School did not give D’s which was a huge disappointment to me: 70 and below was failure. They gave D’s in college but they had no value because you could not transfer them. They had D’s in Seminary but a D in Seminary was 75-82. I graduated from Athens College in the summer of 1971 with a 2.1 [very low C]. I graduated Seminary in May of 1974 with a middle C, 86-87, which would be equivalent to a 2.6 roughly. Throughout my illustrious scholastic career I managed to finish every course with something above a zero. I did fail two or three classes in high school but I managed a few points. I think I failed one class with a 68 so most of my failures were near misses because my goal was to “get by.”

In my spiritual life, I have failed every test and not only have I failed; I have yet to score a single point. My spiritual GPA is 0.0. The problem stems from the fact that my righteousness never counts and it is not a near miss but a total failure. I have this little flaw, I am very vain and I cannot do anything without giving Jack consideration. I think a lot of Big Mama’s husband and Chloe’s granddaddy. I don’t want to suffer; I want to survive, actually to succeed and not for the glory of God. I want Jack to look good and for that I get a zero. I have proved my righteousness and it is filthy and totally unacceptable. Thank God for the righteousness of Christ that comes by faith. The Jews were not ready to receive His righteousness because they had not given up on their own.


  • I got to stay in and study yesterday which is always a blessing. Big Mama gave me clear advice before she left: GOLDEN GIRLS this morning [April 5] at 9:00, Cracker Barrel in Hartselle. Then I forgot to do the phone message and only a couple of the Golden Girls read the blog. I am going to post this early and if you know one of these Golden Girls, please tell them we meet in the morning.
  • Ladies, you have two opportunities for ministry Sunday: FRONT PEW SHOWER baby shower for Danielle Blackwood. Wedding Shower for Trey Williams in the Parlor at 2:00 PM
  • I tried to fill everyone up on donut holes last week but that is impossible and expensive. The donut holes are the most expensive thing they have. We may have to go to straight donuts for a couple of weeks. Big Mama and I have a big tax payment to make by April 15. It is not right folks, the middle class cannot survive under this massive tax burden. Remember, we will have a full breakfast on Easter Sunday.
  • I named my garden tiller [Troy-bilt] Billard after my uncle Billy and Willard and my tractor is named Whitey-Hugh-Gene, sounds pretty cool don’t you think. Josie and Ty’s grandfather Breedlove whose nick name was Whitey overhauled it some 12 years ago; Joe Fitzgerald keeps it running and the front bumper was a gift from Hugh and of course it is Daddy’s old tractor. Every time I get on it, I think of all those who helped me keep it going. Life would be tough without friends. I want to thank God for my friends.


whity hugh gene


Josie Tate Spending the night with G-Dad and B-Mama

Josie Tate Spending the night with G-Dad and B-Mama



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  1. Is a road scholar something akin to a Rhodes Scholar?

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