A Mystery Wrapped In An Enigma

April 4, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


“John didn’t perform miraculous signs,” they remarked to one another, “but everything he said about this man {Jesus} has come true.”

~John 10:41, NLT


Men can see the miracles of God and yet miss His glory. The generation who saw the most miracles crucified the Son of God.

~Thomas Wells


John the Baptist didn’t perform miracles, nor did he have any performed in his behalf. We cannot doubt Jesus power to do miracles but for some mysterious reason, Jesus did not do one for John. Jesus did many miracles for many people but He did not give everyone a miracle, including Himself. Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest man born of woman and yet He allowed him to languish in prison and die by the hand of Herod. John was a righteous man; a man of incredible faith and given to prayer so why didn’t he get a miracle? I don’t have the answer but I do have some encouragement.

Jesus gave John His word that everything was going according to plans and the scriptures were being fulfilled. It’s as if Jesus was saying, “John trust Me; you let Me to be God and you be John. I will reveal what I choose to reveal but you must trust Me to do the right thing.” Sometimes life boils down to hard faith, the ability to trust Christ when you are in a dungeon of darkness. Remember Peter got a miracle, an angel broke him out of jail but James got a sword. It is a mystery wrapped in an enigma: if you could figure it out, you would be God and you are not God.


  • Got a call from Ardmore yesterday, my Aunt Cora was promoted yesterday evening [April 3]. She was the last person who knew my Grandfather Bailey. She was 12 years old when he was killed in a logging accident [1927]. She would have been 99 next month. She was born in 1915, same year as Mother, Irene Pope and Ona Holladay. Mrs. Irene will be 99 in July and Mrs. Holladay will be 99 in August.
  • GOLDEN GIRLS meet Saturday morning at 9:00 am [Cracker Barrel].
  • Deacon’s meeting Sunday morning at 8:00
  • Below is Aunt Cora and her oldest Son who looks more like Granddaddy Bailey than any descendant [my opinion]. I wish I had a picture of the whole family but Uncle Crutcher passed away in 1967 and I’m not sure I’ve seen a picture of the entire family. [I put this on as a hint to my sisters. If you have one send it.]
Aunt Cora and Wayne, July 4, 2011

Aunt Cora and Wayne, July 4, 2011

Girls with Hope

Girls with Hope


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