Pleasing Him

March 20, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


“For I always do what pleases Him.”

~John 8:29


If you love Him, you will study to please Him

~John Newton

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I will not down play the deity of Christ; not will I deny His humanity. As the Son of Man, He maintained a right relationship with the Father, He had an intimate prayer life and His influence with men was unbelievable. Understand that Jesus could not be wrongly related to His Father because He and the Father are One. He prayed prayers as the Son of Man but as the Son of God, He hears our prayers. The Church speaks for itself concerning His influence with men. You must understand that Jesus was not merely a man but He was a man.

Although Jesus was God, He did not demand His rights as an equal. Instead, He gave up His divine privileges; and took the humble position of a human servant. Jesus as God in flesh humbled Himself in obedience toThe Father and died a criminal’s death on a cross. Why would the Second Person of the trinity become a man? The most obvious answer is to become a sacrifice for sin but Jesus also laid down a pattern for us to follow. [1] We can have a right relationship with the Father; [2] We can have an intimate prayer life [3] and we can have influence with men. All these things can happen if we make “Pleasing the Father” the purpose of our life.

Every life is controlled by some purpose: what is the purpose controlling your life?


  • I wrote the above devotion yesterday morning, several hours before Dana’s Celebration of Life Service. I thought it was very ironic that one of the speakers at the COLS said that Dana had one purpose in life, “To please God”. His name was Ralph Berry, no kin to Chuck. I thought Dana’s service went well. I think she would be pleased. Dr. Sawyer has a brilliant mind and he is a very gifted speaker. I’ve never heard him preach a bad sermon.
  • We got word yesterday, while we were at Pecks that Bob Brechtel’s mother had passed away and also Louie Rogers. Bob’s Mom service is Friday at 12:00. Pray for Joe David, he is doing the service. We have moved the Senior Adult Fellowship up to 11:00 am. We’re going to cut Mandy loose as soon as we get set up so she can attend the service. I will try to make the grave side. We don’t have any arrangements on Louie.
  • Last night was NERD NIGHT in AWANA and I could not resist taking Shohn’s picture. This girl has boundless energy and since Tracey’s retirement, Shohn has been wearing two hats. She is our Children’s Minister and our Thursday secretary. She proofs, prints and folds the bulletins and she also proofs the DIGEST. She also did a children’s lock-in a couple of weeks back. Folks, that far beyond the call of duty.
  • General Joe Wheeler Segars Copeland was at the service yesterday but this is what he did when he saw my face…the boy favors Luther.
General Joe Wheeler

General Joe Wheeler

Nerd Night in AWANA

Nerd Night in AWANA

Dana Segars

Dana Segars


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