Hearing God

March 16, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


That is why the Holy Spirit says, “Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts as Israel did when they rebelled, when they tested me in the wilderness.

~Hebrews 3:7-8, NLT


If you have trouble hearing God speak, you are in trouble at the very heart of your Christian experience.

~Henry Blackaby

Blog strip

I am told that people who live near airports do hear the planes taking off and landing. I talked to someone just the other day that lives near a railroad track and they told me that after a while, you don’t hear them. How does this happen? I was on Highway 31 yesterday just a few hundred yards this side of Lacon and a freight train was coming South and its horn sounded just as it passed. I am hard of hearing and it was loud to me. They say that we have a tendency to ignore sounds that we don’t want to hear and if we ignore them long enough, we will stop hearing them.

As believers, we have the Spirit of God indwelling us and as you see in the Scripture about, He speaks. He not only speaks, He speaks today; the question is, are we hearing Him. If we are not hearing Him, it is not an indication that He is not speaking; it may indicate that we have ignored Him to the point that we no longer hear Him. Just as the ears of those who live near airports and railroads get hardened to the sound of the planes and trains, so we get hardened to the voice of the Holy Spirit. If you have not heard the Holy Spirit speak to you from within lately, there is reason to be concerned.


  • Dana was having a hard day yesterday. We don’t have an official prayer chain but I am depending on our blog readers to pray. I want you to stop and say a prayer now: Please.  Don’t put it off, don’t read another line until you have prayed.
  • Deacon’s meeting at 8:00 and LCBS at 9:00. Teachers we need you to be on time and we need to know when you are not coming. Please call Joe David, Mandy or myself. Better still, make sure someone is ready to take your place. Our Bible Study ministry is either important or it’s not. I hope you agree with me that it is important.
  • I got to visit most of the day yesterday and for the most part, I had a ball. I found a beautiful subdivision East of Hartselle that I did not know existed. I could not believe my eyes.
  • Folks I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet but I believe that God is about to do some incredible at Danville Baptist. I do not know what it is exactly but I am encouraged.

yosime sam. be on timejpg

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