March 15, 2014

celebrate Jesus Son of God


If Satan is divided and fighting against himself, how can his kingdom stand.

Jesus, Luke 11:18, Williams


The world has yet to see what God could do through one congregation wholly surrendered to Him.

~Yaakov [Adapted from Henry Varley]

Blog strip

After serving churches for more than 40 years I cannot say that I have seen a totally unified congregation: there are tares in every field of wheat. On the other hand, the devil’s work seems to be perfectly orchestrated but one thing must be taken into consideration: for a church to be in unity, every member must die to self and give priority to the will of Christ and preference to others but it takes only one disgruntled member to please Satan by disrupting the harmony of a church. It is not difficult to play in the devil’s orchestra because with him, there is no such thing as a bad note. He encourages everyone to do their own thing. Christ works through a surrendered will but the devil works through our self-will. He works through our default setting. All you have to do to play in his band is be selfish, have your own agenda, demand your way and he will be more than pleased. Christ wants harmony and beautiful melody: Satan wants cacophony. 


  • Joe David and Lori visited Dana yesterday, she was resting; keep praying. I will probably be going down today. Have a couple of things to do there.
  • We had a lock in here at 1120 last night [or tonight for some].  Five Grandkids and they were shaking the walls as I tried to do the blog. Study is definitely out!
  • Deacons meeting in the morning at 8:00. [March 16]
  • Senior Adult Fellowship in one week earlier than normal, March 21, 11:30 in the Parlor [Potato Bar].
  • Men’s breakfast on the 30th at 8:00
  • Bro. Inman used to tell us the difference between Unity and Harmony. Tie two Tom Cat by their tales and throw them across the clothes line. You will have unity but not much harmony. I want to dedicate this hilarious line to Jason.
  • I just can let it pass: Junior Hill tells the story of driving through a small town on his way to preach a revival. The first Baptist church he spotted was named Harmony Baptist Church but just a mile or so down the road, there was another named New Harmony and as he drove out of town he saw a third by the name of Greater New Harmony. At one time they were all in harmony.
Spend The Night With Big-M and G-Dog

Spend The Night With Big-M and G-Dog

Yosimane sam

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