February 20, 2014


With Michael Mason

This Sunday…two services 10:15 and 6:00

Nursery and Children’s Church for both Services


The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite spirit.

~Psalms 34:18, NKJV


Affliction may be lasting, but it is not everlasting.

~Thomas Watson


There are times when I feel totally inadequate. I get overwhelmed by the need that seems to tower over my meager gifts and resources. If I had the experience of Job I would feel more qualified but I lack the courage to ask for such a test of faith. Although it has not been my personal experience, I have gotten acquainted with grief and sorrow over the years through the experiences of my friends. I do know a couple of things about a broken heart: [1] It hurts and hurts deeply. It has a way of isolating us which makes us feel alone. Sometimes we even want to be alone. I think withdrawal is a protective instinct. [2] Secondly, although you know that your friends lack the power to heal your broken heart, it sure helps to know that they care. The greatest pain is to have a broken heart and no one care.


  • We got another $1,000.00 in the mail for the LEARNING CENTER in El Tahar; that puts us up to $11,041.10. Alaben el nombre de Jesús
  • I am hearing glowing reports on the General’s breakfast menu in Guatemala but the same source tells me that Bev was a slacker. That has to be pure gossip. I wonder how something like that could get started?
  • Sammy Jo and Aaron are going to B’ham today. The doctors here tell her that something is wrong with the baby. Lets pray that it be nothing serious. Pray also for Jimmy, Sandra and Dana. They had a hard day yesterday. We had a prayer circle last night and two very moving prayers were lifted up for Dana and Sammy Jo. We love you guys and we want you to know it.



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