Father Knows Best

February 19, 2014


This Sunday…With Michael Mason

Two Services…10:15 am and 6:00 pm

Children’s Church and Nursery for both services

Pizza Bash after pm Service


God makes everything happen at the right time. Yet none of us can ever fully understand all he has done, and he puts questions in our minds about the past and the future.

~Ecclesiastes 3:11, CEV


We may say that providence is God orchestrating all events and circumstances for His glory and our good.

~Jerry Bridges


Ron Dunn was one of the greatest expository preacher of the last century. He served as a pastor for many years but then felt the call to launch out on faith into the world of the itinerant preacher. By God’s providence he stumbled on to a ministry that helps sustain him financially for the rest of his life. A friend talked him into taping his messages and putting them on sale. Ron was shocked at the response; thousands of people starting buying his tapes.  Ironically, Ron was displeased with his voice. He wanted a voice like Adrain Rogers but God did not give him a deep voice. Ron had some nasal problems that made it impossible for his to pronounce certain words correctly and he could not speak with the deep resonation like Rogers. The man who recorded many of his sermons and who encouraged him to try this ministry was a professional sound man. Some years after Ron had been traveling and using the sale of his tapes to supplement his income, the man told Ron something that really shocked him: “Your voice has perfect pitch for recording. Not many speakers have the right pitch to record well but yours in perfect.” Ron said, “I never coveted Adrain Rogers voice again. Those tapes were my livelihood.” 

There is a reason for everything including flies and lady bugs but we don’t always know the reason.


  • DBC folks, don’t read this story. You have heard it before. Betsie and Corrie tin Boom were incarcerated in the Ravensbruck prison camp for aiding Jews in their escape from the Nazis. Betsie lived by I Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” The barracks where the sisters were confined was infested with fleas. Corrie complained about the fleas. Betsie demanded that she give thanks. “I am not thanking God for fleas” said Corrie. “Yes you are” said Betsie and nothing would do except for Corrie to thank God for the fleas which she did under pressure from sister. Betsie was not strong enough physically to survive and was promoted in 1944 but Corrie lived to tell her story. A few years after her liberation, she ran into one of the German Guards and she had a question for him. “You never came to the back of our barracks where we had our bible hid, why didn’t you?” Without hesitation he said, “Because of the fleas.”
  • Josie is a little better but not well…Keep paying. Gregg’s Aunt Essie was feeling much better, even recognized me. Wild Bill Gardener was feeling very well.
  • Hopefully we will get back on track tonight [Feb. 19] with Supper at 5:30, AWANA at 6:15 and the GATHERING at 6:30….29 days until Spring and 18 until Daylights Savings Time. No Deacons meeting on March 9th.
  • Pray for our Revival this Sunday.  
  • Reading Ben Carson’s book AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. I recommend it. If you are like me, you will not agree with everything Dr. Carson says but you will like a great percent, probably 95-98%.
Children outside the Learning Center in El Tehar

Children outside the Learning Center in El Tehar

Celebrate Jesus


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