February 6, 2014




Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy.

~Jude 24, NASB


Grace is the blessedness enjoyed by one who is favored by a superior.

~William Barclay


A middle-aged man was on vacation with his wife and teenage daughters. They came to a place where you paid to climb a wall built of wood but with simulated rocks made of plastic attached in various places to enable the climber to use his hands and feet. Each climber had a guide and the guide had a rope that was connected to the climbers harness. The rope went through a pulley at the top of the wall and back to the guide. The teenage girls went up the wall like a monkey going up a coconut tree but old dad got winded about 20 feet from the top. He stopped to get his breath and then made the mistake of looking up, then down. He got dizzy and slipped. He fell but not far, the guide was watching and he had the rope secure. He held the climber firm until he was able to get back to the wall and finish the climb. When he got to the top, he didn’t beat his chest or raise his fist in triumph. He took a deep breath, thanked God for the guide and then peeped over the ledge and thanked the guide on the ground. He was filled with joy and thanksgiving.

You get the picture: Jesus is the guide. Without Him we would  be in a free fall into the pits of hell. How do we respond? With joy and thanksgiving.


  • Wednesdays are tough days physically but very rewarding. I do love the Wednesday night suppers. I think they are good for fellowship. I have a philosophy about fellowship but I will not share it at this time. I do want to thank Jennifer for being our go-far and Floyd for helping us serve. I really thank those sweet ladies that pitched in and cleaned up last night. Thomas always helps with garbage and busing tables. You are doing good and I appreciate it. I should have gotten a picture. What about that band? Are they something or what? Brian did the singing and they did the playing. The LORD gives us what we need! He is amazing!
  • I was fighting a deadline yesterday but I am going to make an effort to get to the hospitals today.
  • I checked the MISSION OFFERING for Sunday and it was good. If we get three more like, we have our goal. I am confident that we will get the goal but that is not the big thing: I am just as confident that many Guatemalan boys and girls will come to know Christ and be discipled by the Children’s center. I am just thrilled to be a part of this Mission enterprise.
  • When I left church last night around 8:00, he was cold and the wind was awful. I got home, June said it was only 30*. I said, “It’s the coldest 30* I’ve ever felt.” My computer said 28* with wind child factor of 18*. I predicting snow for today. It is too cold to rain.
  • Posted new TOP TEN today about the church being secularized. 
Sochi Russia Home of Winter Olympics

Sochi Russia
Home of Winter Olympics


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