Obedience Or Consequences

February 3, 2014



You desire things and cannot have them…You covet things but cannot acquire them…You ask and fail to get them because you ask with evil selfish motives, to spend them on your own pleasures.

~James 4 {Williams}


Life is hard but it get harder when you do something stupid.

~The Freeman Institute


I was reading James 4 in the Williams translation yesterday and one phrase captured my attention…“You desire things you cannot have.” I suspect that most of desire things we cannot have. As a kid, I wanted to be 6’3″ tall, weight 220, have great athletic ability and play for the Bear. I made the 220 more than once but the height and the athletic ability was not in the cards and Bear never called. In some cases, all the desire in the world is not going to change things but on the other hand, there are situations where we continue to pursue what we desire until we get it; like Eve in the garden. She desired things that she did not need and she pursued them with reckless abandon until she got them but she had to disobey God in the process. What she failed to foresee was the consequences of disobedience. Eve was convinced that getting what she wanted would bring happiness; the opposite occurred. She brought miserable consequences upon herself and her family. We are still suffering from the consequences today. The secret to happiness is to want what Jesus wants for you.


  • God is good. I marvel at His grace. John Newton got it right, it is amazing. Great message last night and a ton of food. I could not get over the amount of food and the quality. 
  • The SUPER BOWL wasn’t very super for the Bronco’s. It was never really a game, just a blow out. I watched the 2nd half to see if Tebow would be in the commercials. I was told that he would but I didn’t see one. Generally I hate commercials but almost everyone I saw in the 2nd half were very entertaining. The one with the half Doberman/Chihuahua hybrid was good and my favorite was the Dorito ad with the little girl riding the St. Bernard. I cannot remember in recent history watching a game where the commercials were more entertaining than the game.
Chloe Bug is Sick

Chloe Bug is Sick


Men’s Conference 2012

Throw-Back 2010

Throw-Back 2010


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