January 30, 2014



A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?

~Proverbs 20:24, NIV


The greatest gift of sight is to see as Christ sees.

~E. Clayton Calhoun


Life is filled with inconveniences and interruptions. I was behind when I got to the office yesterday.  Little did I know that I would be getting phone calls and visits. I did not blow my stack or have a melt down and yes, I do have a witness. It is easy to get bent out of shape when things or people hinder or impede our progress but it helps to understand that God works through these things that get in our way. Slow traffic has saved me from a lot of speeding tickets. Interruptions and inconveniences can be good things:

  1. Inconveniences slow us down, sometimes to a dead stop. This gives us time to think. Maybe even change directions.

  2. Inconveniences reveal our lack of patience and reveal our need to  depend on Christ.

  3. Inconveniences can even spare our life or keep us from danger. Practically every plane crash has someone on the manifest who survived because they missed the flight.

  4. Inconveniences can slow our pace and give us time to notice others who need our help.

  5. Inconveniences can temper us and make us more like Christ.


  • If you are without sin, don’t read this: Sometimes on my way to Decatur General I cut through at Targets and drive down Summerville Road past the Country Club. I got behind a slow Mercedes the other day and I was fussing. I was pretty close to his bumper but backed off knowing I was being rude. We went around a curve and there they sat, radar gun and all. He saved me from getting a ticket. 
  • Another good crowd for supper and some new faces in worship PTL. I got to preach to 30 people last night. It is usually about 20. The cold weather may have helped our attendance.
  • Janet Fields is still stuck in Birmingham. Hopefully she will get to come home today. I hope the roads clear up because I am planning to go down this evening. Keith McKay got snowed in at Atlanta but he took the back roads and snaked his way out. The Chick-Fil-A on 280 tried to close but workers could not get home. They re-opened and started giving food to stranded motorist. Then they stayed open all night for a shelter and then served breakfast yesterday morning. They made FOX news. Of course none of the lame stream media picked up the story. It magnifies Christian charity and we can’t have that can we?
  • What about that band last night: was that good or what! I love to hear our guys play. Brian Ellis is still getting rave reviews. He has to sing more. People are still bragging on the song that he, David and Sloan did last Sunday night.
  • SAFE tomorrow at 11:30 in the parlor…Mississippi pot roast, Big Mama’s green beans, Floyd’s famous mashed potatoes, Datchie’s delicious homemade rolls plus fried Apple Pies and whatever the Seniors bring. Yum! Yum! Plus great weather…50*, a regular heat wave.
  • Breakfast for those who live alone Saturday Morning at Cracker Barrel. Meet at the church at 8:30 if you need a ride or at CB at 9:00.
  • Can you believe this bunch below makes fun of the way I dress.
Christmas Party

Christmas Party Throw-Back “Sharp Dressers, huh?”


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