Piling On

January 29, 2014



We are now on our way to Jerusalem, where the Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and the teachers of the Law of Moses. They will sentence him to death, and then they will hand him over to foreigners who will make fun of him. They will beat him and nail him to a cross. But on the third day he will rise from death.

~Matthew 20:18-19


Mercy requires love and understanding: the ability to put the interest of another first.



Matthew 20 is a very interesting chapter. Jesus is about to leave Jericho and head to Jerusalem where a cross awaits Him. Jesus has a heavy heart and He shares His burden with His disciples but it is like water off of a ducks back. Instead of showing some understanding and compassion, the mother of James and John approaches Jesus and asked that her boys be given preference in the Kingdom. This leads to jealously among the twelve and an argument. Just what Jesus needed, right? He’s hurting on the inside and the guys are arguing about who among them is the greatest. Jesus gives them a brief lecture on greatest and then they began walking out of Jericho headed for Jerusalem. A blind man sitting beside the road begging hears it is Jesus, he goes to crying out for mercy. Long story short: Jesus shows him mercy. The tired and burdened Savior ask the man, “What do you want Me to do for you?” The man said, “I want to see,” and Jesus restored his sight.

As I read through this chapter a few days ago, it hit me…everyone wants Jesus to do something for them but no one would show compassion and mercy on Jesus. Instead of sympathy and understanding, they keep piling on with I want this and I want that. I got a little angry on the inside as I thought about these people be so insensitive? Surely I would listen to Jesus, console Him, tell Him how much I loved Him and pray for Him. But I know the truth, I am no better than the disciples, I am worse. I’m sure they looked upon Jesus as a Super-Hero: the invincible One who needed nothing. I really believe Jesus was crying out in His own way for understanding and He got none. Folks we can’t glory in a thing: Jesus wrought our salvation all by Himself: we were no help and that’s a shame.


  • Preston Grammer came through surgery OK. I didn’t stay because of the snow storm. Janet Fields got snowed in and will try to get out today. We will go back on Thursday. I know today will be a hard day for Preston. I didn’t get to see Dana Segars because the snow came so fast and the streets were bad when I left Princeton so I made a dash for North Alabama. It was touch and go until I got to the Hanceville Exit. There were a lot of wrecks and a lot of stranded motorist.
  • Ken and Christy  Tapsott have a new grandbaby, Christopher Miles [8lbs and a few ounces] born about 5:00 yesterday evening. The LORD is good: Bailey and Chris are tickled pink, the entire family was elated.
  • Paul said, “In all things give thanks because it is God’s will for those of us in Christ to be thankful.” I want to give some thanks: I am thankful for the two things above but I am also thankful that I do not live in Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Michigan, New York, Antarctica, or the North Pole. I don’t know if this cold weather is killing the bugs or not but it is making me thankful for Spring. Hey, I might get thankful for Summer before it’s over. How many single digit nights have we had this year? A bunch! I never remember school being out [I think this makes 5 days] for cold weather. An NO, they should not have to make them up. We need to do like Hoover and refuse the federal money and run our own schools. Have Swamp Johns every Saturday night. I’d be willing donate extra just to have the freedom to have what we want for lunch. Can you believe it, the Northeast Liberal bureaucrats tell us what we can have for lunch. It is the same group of idiots who believe in evolution. You can’t be reasonably intelligent and believe in evolution. Folks, it is time to take our schools back.
Saw A Lot Of This

Saw A Lot Of This

And This...

And This…

...and this...

…and this…

I didn't see this but it was taken yesterday.

I didn’t see this but it was taken yesterday.

Celebrate Jesus


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