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January 27, 2014



Then the Lord sent a great wind on the sea, and such a violent storm arose that the ship threatened to break up.

~Jonah 1:4, NIV


God can take away our burdens or He can take away our blessings. Do you really want to put Him to the test?

~Max Lucado


In His book Gentle Thunder, Max Lucado tells the story of an in flight experience. The flight attendant ask everyone to return to their seats and buckle up but her instructions were ignored. She tried a couple of times to get their attention but was unsuccessful. She relayed the problem to the Captain who then made an announcement over the intercom…”please return to your seats, we are about to encounter some turbulence.” This got the attention of most but not all. Again the Captains voice comes over the intercom but this time, much more stern“Let’s be very clear about responsibilities, my job is to get your through this storm and safely home. Your job is to do what I tell you, now sit down and buckle up.” Within seconds, everyone was in their seat.

Does God have your attention? How far do you want God to go to get your attention? Jacob didn’t listen until God relocated his hip. Jonah didn’t listen until he was in the belly of a fish. Samson didn’t listen until he got his eyes gouges out and his freedom taken away. The Jews didn’t listen until they were in exile. Trust me folks, God can get our attention. Don’t have that “Show-me attitude” because He can show you.


  • The LORD is good: what can I say. His grace and mercy are off the charts. We praise YOU LORD! I love the Sunday night services. The special music by Brian, Sloan and David was outstanding.
  • We had a good MISSION OFFERING and we will be mailing a check to GRACE MINISTRIES today. I don’t have the exact figures but it will be over $5,000.00.
  • Just 6 days to GROUND HOGS DAY! It falls on Sunday this year.
  • I want to thank my good friend Bobby from Grand Bay for the videos…Check out the one below.
  • For your entertainment: Australian V-8 chain saw.V-8 Chain Saw

Celebrate Jesus

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