Taking Ownership Of Faults

January 24, 2014



There is no man on earth so exact over his duties that he does ever the right and never commits a fault.

~Ecclesiastes 7:20, Knox


White House policy these days is to blame the Republicans, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or George Bush. It is a poor leader indeed who refuses to take ownership of his transgressions.



Daddy Doing ConcreteI grew up on a small farm. We had cows, pigs, chickens and one horse. Daddy made a huge watering trough for the livestock out of concrete. It would probably hold 75-100 gallons. It took so long to fill it up that we would cut the water on and then go do something else and from time to time we forgot to go back and cut it off which resulted in running the well dry. Daddy was never happy when that happened. One evening late, he cut the water on and forgot about it. When we got up the next morning, we had no water. Mother asked the tough questions and finally got the truth; so she wrote on the calendar, “Last night Eugene left the water on and ran the well dry.” Needless to say, he didn’t like his mistake being posted on the wall but we did. When he got home from work that night, we had a family discussion. Our point was everyone makes mistakes even daddy. We also accused him of thinking he was perfect. Finally he admitted, “I do make mistakes.” I jumped on that like ugly on an ape…I said, “Name one daddy.” He paused for the longest and then blurted out, “I talk too much and so do you.”


  • On this day last year: cold and freezing rain.
  • Not a good day yesterday: Doug and I spent all evening on the Sound System and still did not find the problem. Try again today at 1:30. Trust me folks, I had rather be studying.
  • If winters up North are anything like what we’ve had this year, I see why the Yankee’s move to Florida.
  • Friends of Abe is a secret organization of conservative Hollywooders. There are a few that are outspoken but most of them want their identity kept secret for fear of reprisal. John Voight, Pat Boone, Clint Howard [Ron’s brother] and Kelsey Grammer are among the few that are not ashamed to be called conservative. Their membership is growing rapidly: they have gone from 1,800 before Obama to 5,000. Obama has his secret police, the IRS doing an audit on the organization. What a surprise!  They are not conservative enough to please me: if they were they would be called Friends of Ronald or George.
  • CNN [Clinton News Network] ratings has fallen drastically for the last two months and have been in steady decline since 2009. Just thought you would like to hear some good news, amen. It’s not a good time to be working for the liberal network, they have had massive layoffs the last two months. Few things would bring me greater delight than to see both CNN and the IRS close down.
  • Keep those throw-back pics coming…You send them and I’ll post them as long as they get by my sensors.

TOP TEN: IT’S SO COLD…By David M. Wood

  1. It’s so cold that Willard’s personality will warm you up!a Super Dave aa
  2. It’s so cold that Gregg Holiday is wearing socks with his crocs!
  3. It’s so cold that Ginger invited me {David} to move back into our bedroom.
  4. It’s so cold that Big Daddy let Amy turn on the heat.
  5. It’s so cold that Jason and Joe David are wearing caps.
  6. It’s so cold that Big Mama will not go to the mailbox.
  7. It’s so cold that Noah Brechtel is wearing long pants, socks and shoes.
  8. It’s so cold that the Reforms are referring to themselves as the “Frozen Chosen.”
  9. It’s so cold that Al Gore has ask to see a psychiatrist.
  10. It’s so cold that Bro. Jack’s Grandkids are huddled around his credit card just to stay warm.

{The M in David’s name stands for Modest}

Throw-back from yesteryear!

Throw-back from yesteryear!

Celebrate Jesus


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