Today’s Treasure: Tomorrow’s Trash

January 21, 2014



Today’s gain, tomorrow’s loss; what was once treasured, soon thrown away.

~Ecclesiastes 3:6b, Knox


Anything you can put a price tag on has no lasting value.



As our needs change, so do our treasures. Young women treasure their make-up but eventually, they will treasure their medication. You may treasure you vehicle but there are thousands living in nursing homes who treasure a visit [knowing someone cares]  more than a vehicle.  For a treasure to be real it has to be able to endure the test of time. What will your treasure be worth 100 years from now? Jacob dared to ask these hard questions and then he embraced things that had eternal significance. Esau was a hedonistic who could not think beyond his next meal, hunting trip or encounter with the opposite sex. Choose your treasures carefully; they determine your future.


  • The Celebration of life service for Bill Hancock is today at 1:00 [Pecks]. Visitation is 11:00-1:00.
  • The Celebration of life service for Bob Pickens is Wednesday at 2:00 [Madison Chapel] and visitation is 12:00-2:00. Bob was a very good friend of John Tanner’s and Hugh Fitzgerald. He has been a long time subscriber to the DIGEST and a friend to Danville Baptist Church. If you have flown out of Huntsville International, you have taken off from some of Mr. Pickens old cotton fields. The land the jet port is built on was purchased from Mr. Pickens. Thomas and Ronnie’s father Farris was Bob’s brother. One of the first things I learned upon moving to Danville was that Farris and Emma Pickens were faithful friends of DBC. They were actually members of Danville Methodist but always supportive of DBC. We are proud to see Thomas carry on that legacy.
  • We got an estimate to-day on a lift for the FORTE. It is unenclosed but can be attached to the block wall on the West end near the WEE Careentrance. The price was not as bad as I expected. We are also getting an estimate on an enclosed unit but it will be much more expensive.
  • Super Bowl Sunday night worship is at 5:00 in the Sanctuary. Joe David will be preaching and David and the Giants doing the music. Chili and soup supper to follow. I might even make some Reuben’s. I have not used my Sandwich maker in a while. You can stay and watch the game on the big screen if you choose. I have no interest in it personally. Every team I pulled for has been eliminated. San Fran was the victim of some horrific calls. I don’t understand how these officials made it to the championship level. I’m probably the only person in Danville that likes Jim Harbaugh and Philip Rivers. I guess Harbaugh reminds me of me. What’s the point of having replay if you are not going to use it in critical situations. Officials told Harbaugh that it is a loophole in the rules. The rules need to be changed.


  • Winter Bible Study at Sardis Springs has been reschedule for February 9-12. We are looking forward to being with Dr. Tim and staff.
  • Teddy, tell Bro. Charles that I had a tomato sandwich for supper last night and it was good. Ray loves the Hebrew tomatoes also.
  • Mylee Reese cleaned my study last night: the girl is a worker. Now I have a clean office and a clean study.
  • David Wood is supposed to be sending me some throw back pics. Better keep an eye on the blog.
Mylee the Maid

Mylee the Maid

Celebrate Jesus


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