Sent Into The Storm

January 15, 2014



Immediately He {Jesus} made the disciples get into the boat and go ahead of Him to the other side, while He sent the crowds away.

~Matthew 14:22, NASB


“God can’t deliver you out of something that you don’t have the courage to get into.”

~ E.V. Hill


Immediately after Jesus feed the 5,000, He commanded His disciples to get in a boat and cross the sea of Galilee. Jesus sent the crowd home and then went to the top of the mountain to pray. Meanwhile, His disciples got caught in the middle of a terrific storm. Jesus is God and He knew the storm was coming but He commanded them to get into the boat and set sail for the other side. Why would Jesus deliberately send His disciples into a storm?

He did it to teach them. They didn’t take good notes at the feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus wanted to teach them to rely upon Him for every need and in every circumstance of life.  What were the lessons from the sea?

  1. Obedience to Christ does not give us immunity from trials and difficulties.
  2. Storms teach and test: the storms reveal our lack of faith and they magnify our doubt and fear. The disciples thought they were ready for college but this storm made them realize that they were in kindergarten.
  3. Storms not only reveal our weakness, they magnify the power of Christ. This storm gave Jesus an opportunity to show them his incredible power. Jesus showed the disciples that He was greater than the storm.
  4. Storms teach us to rely on Christ and not ourselves.
  5. Storms teach us that Jesus is omnipresent. If you are in a storm, look for Jesus. The fact that you don’t see Him right away doesn’t mean that He is not in the storm with you. He was with His disciples long before they realized it.


  • Week going by fast for us. If Revival had anything to do with food, we would be having one. Our hotel suite is still filled with food, we got a fresh cake delivered yesterday and LISA’S BUFFET is open every night and you never know who is going to show up. Last night we had a magician named Dale. He did some pretty amazing stuff but when I gave him a $5 and told him to turn it into $100, he was stumped. We also meet Joey the deer hunter. He sees 15 anytime he goes. I think they have more deer in L.A. Seth would love it here.
  • Pray for our service tonight. We have had some good ones but I still fill like we have fallen short. Revival is a God thing for sure.  Mercy drops round us are falling, Oh for a down pour we plead.
  • We have decided to stay in Mobile tonight and drive home tomorrow.
  • Forgot to take my camera last night and I don’t have any pics. What about a Kinkade!



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