Not Easy Out

January 13, 2014



 Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”  He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat, started walking on the water, and came toward Jesus. 

~Matthew 14:28-29, NRSV


There is no easy way to live: the way of the transgressor is hard on the other side, all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

~Robert McGee


I agree with McGee, the extremes are difficult but don’t you agree that most people avoid extremes. We fear being to the far left or the far right. Very few people want to be identified with the radical element. I don’t have a problem being labeled radical as long as I am right. This fear of going over board keeps us in our comfort zone. There are times when Jesus is not in the boat; He is walking on the sea and He bids us come but we afraid to leave the security of our comfort zone. Most people live their entire lives playing it safe, trying to keep from getting wet. Peter would not have gotten a miracle had he not risk getting wet. Why don’t we go overboard!  This is not a question, it’s a challenge. I’m not saying that you cannot have REVIVAL in the boat: what I am saying is–we need to move toward Jesus. If we have to go over board to get to HIM, then for heaven’s sake, let’s go overboard.


  • Heard through grapevine that you had a good day in Danville. A lot of compliments on the sermons and we were thrilled about the shower…Way to go DBC.
  • We had a good day in Grand Bay…sink me if that doesn’t rhyme in two places…I am a poet and you did not know it! I thought the service last night was the best of our three but of course I love to preach so they were all good to me. The music was great…they sing the Jewish music. It may be to appease me but I don’t care, I love it.
  • June said on the way down that I had to talk to Lisa about the food: I said, “You talk to her.” If I stayed here long, I would gain 20 pounds. You have never seen the like of food. I ate more last night than I have in six months and drank two glasses of tea with caffeine and a cup of coffee. I’ll be up all night. When you look up hostess in the dictionary, it should have Lisa’s picture there beside the word. Her mama is a good cook and so are her daughters.
  • We are staying in a very nice suite in West Mobile. Just a tad more traffic than we have in Danville. On the way to church last night, the traffic reminded me of an ant bed, people going in every direction. I don’t know what the population is down here but I think a fourth of the State lives here in L.A.  Ginger wouldn’t like it, the Super Target closes at 9:00 pm. If I had preached so long last night, we would have made it before it closed. They have every restaurant you can thing of within 3 miles of where we are staying, like we need a restaurant. They have a Cheddars and anything else you might imagine. I’ve never seen so many eating joints in all my life. After dinning at Lisa’s buffet, none of the restaurants are appealing.
Teddy and Lisa's Grands

Teddy and Lisa’s Grands

Big Mama and Nora

Big Mama and Nora



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