January 12, 2014



The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

~John 10:10, NASB


“We cannot believe that the church of God is already possessed of all the light which God intends to give it.”

~Jonathon Edwards


We cannot hope to have revival a part from our absolute surrender to the LORD Jesus Christ. It is a paradox to ask God for Revival while we at the same time keep Jesus at arm’s length. God cannot and will not give us REVIVAL a part from His Son. Jesus came to give us abundant life. The word abundant means over and above, more than is necessary, exceedingly and supremely abundant, something more, much more than all, extraordinary superior, surpassing, uncommon, more remarkable, and more excellent. Bro. Inman defined abundant as, “Full and overflowing”. Sounds like a REVIVAL to me. REVIVAL is falling head over heels in love with Jesus. As Watchman Nee said, “The abundant life is the normal Christian life.” We need REVIVAL because we are abnormal.

In going through my old notes Friday, I came across this…don’t know who to give credit to but I’m sure it is something I copied…

If all the sleeping folk will wake up;
And all the lukewarm folk will fire up;
And the dishonest folk confess up;
And all the disgruntled folk sweeten up;
And all the discouraged folk cheer up;
And all the depressed folk look up;
And all the gossiping folk shut up;
And all the dry bone folks get shook up;
And all the true believing folk stand up;
And all the church folk get prayed up;
We will have REVIVAL.


  • We tied up a few loose ends and got on the road around noon. We stopped at UAB to visit with Dana Segars. We had a very good visit and I want to ask you to pray for Dana, she said Bro. Jack, “I need a miracle”. So we are praying for a miracle. I challenge you to join me in this prayer.
  • Made good time, less traffic South of Montgomery. God checked in a little after 6:00. First Service is at 8:00. LORD willing, I will be preaching three times today. Pray for the fire to fall.
  • Took the below pic at Dodge City. It was pulled by a 57 Chevy with a sign in back window made of a paper plate, it read…we are living our dream.
Took this pic at Dodge City. Sign in window reads...Living Our Dream

Living the Dream


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