We Ought To Pray

January 11, 2014



Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart.

~Luke 18:1, NASB


Anything is a blessing which makes us pray.

~Charles Spurgeon


Jesus taught His disciples that at all times they ‘ought’ to pray. In English the word ought means to express obligation. Example: a man ought to pay his debts. The Greek word is three letters ‘dei’ and is pronounced die; it implies necessity. The AV translates ‘dei’ four different ways and all would fit the present context: “Men must pray…Men should pray, Men need to pray and or course, men ought to pray.” The NASB reads We ought to pray and not lose heart.” The AV reads, “Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” The word faint means to become discouraged which is why some translate it “Men should pray and not give up.” People are not prone to faint from light work but earnest prayer is hard work which is why so few are engaged in the task.

Everybody prays. The last conscious thing we will do on this earth is pray. An atheist will pray in a fox hole or maybe for a fox hole. Jonah sailed with a pagan crew but when the storm hit they prayed, earnestly; unfortunately to a god with a little ‘g’. Don’t tell me you don’t pray, I know you pray and so do I: the question is: “Do we pray as we ought?”


  • June and I are packing: we will be headed for Mobile later on today [Saturday].
  • We have everything lined up for Sunday: you will not miss me this time. We have the donuts and biscuits covered.
  • On this day last year it was 60 degrees and overcast.
  • I spent Friday in retreat at Thomas and Penny’s cabin. It was good for me. I need to do that one day a week. One of my goals for 2013 was to build me a reading house to put on Ray’s branch. Maybe I will get that accomplished in 2014. The pics below are not Thomas’ cabin but his is very nice. I was sitting at the kitchen bar eating a lean cuisine and I looked up and there was a squirrel looking at me out of the corner of his eye. It spooked me for a minute. When I sat back down at the table I notice a deer looking right at me. Both were stuffed of course. If you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast, Thomas decorates like Gaston.
Kinkade's Cabin On A Lake

Kinkade’s Cabin On A Lake


What a place to retreat: TYJ!


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