Our Need For Acceptance

January 7, 2014




He then began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and after three days rise again.

~Mark 8:31, NIV


Learn to handle rejection, work hard, be responsible, be willing to work outside your comfort zone and success will be yours.

~Gonzo Arzuaga {Internet Entrepreneur}


I could not find the right quote but Gonzo’s will serve as a platform for us to dive in. Some work in an atmosphere where rejection is common place. Actors and entertainers deal with it every day but they are adults and that makes a huge difference. The first step to accepting ourselves as a meaningful part of God’s creation is to be loved and accepted by our biological parents. On any given day, there are 400,000 kids in America living out of home which means either foster care or an institution. In 15% of these cases the biological mom and dad’s parental rights have been permanently terminated. Under these conditions, the average child waits over 2 years to be adopted. This is an average, some wait longer, and some are never adopted.  I saw a lot of pithy quotes on rejection but none of them were fitting for a child. How can a child be rejected by his/her parents and not be shaken emotionally? Experts tell us that 80% of the children in the foster care system have serious emotional problems. This does not shock me, I don’t see how it could be otherwise. Should we tell these children to build a bridge and get over it…I don’t think so. I think most of us cannot imagine the pain these little fellows carry in their heart.

We have something that they dream about: parents that loved and accepted us. Do you realize how important it is to have parents who we can respect, honor and appreciate. Parents we can be proud of instead of having feelings of shame. I am convinced that the greatest factor fueling our insecurity is the fear of rejection. Why do insecure people lie? Because they are afraid. They are so terrified of more rejection that they will do practically anything to avoid it. I have a heart for children. I guess it is because I remember what it was like being a child. When I see what these kids are going through these days, I realize that I was raised on a bed of roses.

I don’t want to close on a sad note: I am glad some people have stepped up to the plate and made a huge difference in the lives of these children. My hat is off to those who do foster care and I applaud with the greatest of admiration those who have adopted. I read a story about an adopted teen age girl; one of her friends asked, “Don’t you ever think about your real parents and want to find them.” Without hesitation, she said, “I live with them, I don’t have to find them, my adopted parents are my real parents.” Someone did a good job raising this girl.


  • Preston Grammer came through a difficult surgery in fine condition. Jimmy and Sharon were tickled. They got better news than they expected. I like good news! While we were waiting to see Preston, Jimmy told a Bear story. This is the first time I’ve heard him speak about his time on the Capstone. Jimmy played center and the offense was on the two yard line and they ran the same play ten times and scored only twice. Bear came down from the tower. Told the offensive line to get in their stance and then he marched behind them and kicked every one of them in the butt. Jimmy said, he made us run it ten more times and we scored every time. Jimmy’s playing weight was 190 lbs and he started his junior and senior year. Our defensive backs weigh more than that these days.
  • I bet Jerry, Daryl and Gregg get cooled off this week. I’ve been wearing my boots with two pair of socks since the first of December [every day] and Gregg wears crocks with no socks. January is Jerry’s favorite month because he likes cold weather and deer hunting. I saw an old man yesterday [Monday] at Princeton’s Medical Center wearing sandals. He didn’t act like he had a full deck. I think Gregg may have worn socks the last two days.
  • Well with 119 left on the clock, I thought I had made a perfect prediction but when Auburn gave up the long pass, I knew the game was in jeopardy. They played very good and the SEC has no need to be ashamed. Florida State could not go undefeated in the SEC West. They were fortunate to win and they know it. I do stand corrected, my prediction was wrong.
St. Nick in the house supporting Auburn: what a sport!

St. Nick in the house supporting Auburn: what a class act!


Ryder's Great Aunt Dana. She came to his baptism last Sunday.

Ryder’s Great Aunt Dana. She came to his baptism last Sunday.


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