January 5, 2014



And may the LORD who give us peace give you peace in whatever circumstances you may be.

~II Thessalonians 3:16, Williams


There is no poverty of soul greater than deprivation of peace.

~Thomas Kelly


Paul knew from experience the blessing of having inward peace when the outward circumstances were anything but peaceful. Luke records in Acts 16, that after being beaten, put in stocks and in a dungeon… “At midnight Paul and Silas were praying.” As is the case so much of the time, a prayer meeting turns into a praise and worship service. Paul and Silas broke out into singing hymns of praise and all the prisoners were listening. I have a hard time picturing Paul as a Michael W. Smith. I would imagine he had a voice similar to mine, one that very few want to hear. Some one told a few years ago that I had a prison voice, behind a few bars and looking for the key. The only two people, other than Jesus, who enjoy hearing me sing are Willard and Jason. I don’t think it was Paul and Silas talent that caught the prisoner’s attention: it was the fact that they could sing under these severe circumstances. These guys had just been beaten within an inch of their life and were now in stocks in a dark hole. How could anyone sing under these conditions.

This is a beautiful picture of peace. This is more than singing in the rain; this is singing in pain. Peace for Paul was not governed by circumstance. He had an inward peace that manifest itself in the worse of circumstances. Peace is not the absence of conflict, peace is a condition of the heart that gives us a spirit of confidence in the midst of the conflict.

Our grand daughter Mylee Reese has three words that she uses repeatedly: Seriously, Really and whatever. Paul had peace in “WHATEVER.”


  • Breakfast with the Widows went great. Our next one is same time 9:00 am, same place Cracker Barrel and the date is Ground Hog Eve, February 1, 2014
  • Mylee Reese asked Lexi why my folks named me Jack Blackbird…Lexi said, “Reesy, it is not Blackbird, it is Blackburn”. She said, “That is even worse.” Out of the mouth of babes.
  • Johnny Burnett Mom {Ivan} was promoted on Thursday night, the CELEBRATION OF LIFE SERVICE is today at 2:00pm at Nichols Funeral home in Haleyville.
  • Pray for Revival…June and I will be leaving next Saturday for Grand Bay where LORD willing we will be preaching Sunday-Wednesday. Teddy had his church praying and I hope we will join them. Real Revival is like a wild fire, it spreads. Pray for the fire to fall.
  • Eddie and Sue leave for China Thursday. We need to lay hands on them today.


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One Response to ““Whatever””

  1. I love your singing so much I have one of your concerts videoed on my phone; I may share it at your retirement…

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