January 3, 2014



We tell them how patient you are and how you keep on having faith, even though you are going through a lot of trouble and suffering. All of this shows that God judges fairly and that he is making you fit to share in his kingdom for which you are suffering.

~2 Thessalonians 1:4-5, CEV


Any discussion of how pain and suffering fit into God’s scheme ultimately leads back to the cross.



Most commentators believe that the Thessalonians were suffering persecution. What ever their suffering involved, they were enduring it patiently and Paul wanted to encourage them to stay the course. Suffering is God’s crucible, it is His refining fire that fits us for the kingdom of Christ. To fit into Christ kingdom, we must want what He wants. The problem is that are born with our default setting is on self. In order to decentralize the self and get us to where we want only what He wants, we have to suffer: there is no other way. Suffering chips away at our stubborn pride and self-will. In time we  reach that point where we can honestly pray, “Thy will be done.” When we get to the point that we want only what He wants and for His glory–He gives us our wings [freedom]. It is through our suffering that we develop character and become trustworthy servants.


  • Never count your chicken before they hatch. I hate football. I thought we had the best team in the country but we’ve gone South big time. We got whipped last night and bad. Derrick Henry was the only bright spot. Oh well, it is just a game…right Gregg!
  • I don’t have anything to say other than it is cold, very cold and I am thankful that I am not in New Orleans.
  • Paul said, “In all things give thanks”…and tonight I am thankful for electricity and our electric blanket.
You better believe it!

And so was last night!


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