Five Steps To Friendship

December 31, 2013



“You are my friends if you do what I command.”

~John 15:14, NLT


The reality of the disciple of Christ is that he moves from stage to stage based on his willingness to obey.

~Dallas Willard {Divine Conspiracy}


Willard lays down five steps from slave [doulous] to friend. Abraham and Moses attained this status of being a “Friend of God.” How can you and I hope to reach this level?

  • STAGE ONE–Absolute reliance and CONFIDENCE in CHRIST. We must put our hope and confidence in Christ and no other.
  • STAGE TWO–This confidence that we have in CHRIST must be expressed in daily OBEDIENCE to His teachings.
  • STAGE THREE–The result of your fellowship with CHRIST is that it will produce in you a LOVE for HIM.
  • STAGE FOUR–Your life will begin to bear FRUIT.
  • STAGE FIVE–Our confidence in CHRIST, expressed in obedience, produces love for CHRIST that results in fruit and this leads to stage five which is CHARACTER. When we reach the point that all we want is what He wants, then He frees us to do what we want, to His great joy and relief I would imagine. A slave has to be told what to do; a FRIEND knows what to do. [Read John 15]


  • Safe trip to Mississippi. Heavy traffic on the Interstate last night but the LORD blessed the trip and we are grateful. Three wonderful visits and that good old fashion Southern hospitality, plus some delicious soup and caramel cake. We do love our Mississippi friends. They have practically made a commitment to come and visit us one Sunday at DBC.
  • Today is the last day of 2013, a year that has zipped by for me. When I was younger, I got depressed every January but even January goes by in a hurry when you get to be 46.
  • Lord willing, I will be preaching this Sunday morning and night and Joe David will preach both messages on the 12th. Big Mama and I will be in Grand Bay working for Bro. Teddy. We will be in REVIVAL January 12-15.
  • REMEMBER my prediction and I want you to hold me accountable. The only one that I am confident about is the National Championship game: Auburn will win by two touchdowns. Remember, you read this on Bro. Jack’s blog. I ran this pic a few weeks ago and I thought it would go viral…It didn’t go anywhere!

A super sonic boom

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