Hippie Religion

December 27, 2013



Let the peace that Christ can give keep on acting as umpire in your heart.

~Colossians 3:15


The ultimate unhappiness of man is that he refuses to surrender his will to Christ.



hippieRemember the Hippies, probably not since most of you were born after 1970. I know you have heard of the Beetles and “All we need is love”. This was the mantra of the hippie movement…”Give peace a chance” and “Why can’t we just get along man?” Dallas Willard said, “You can not give peace a change if that is all you are willing to give a chance [same is true with love].” Peace would have a chance if we were willing to repent of our sins and surrender our wills to Christ. Peace has no chance when we are determined to live life our way. When the modern hippies [liberals] talk about peace, they are blowing smoke because they are unwilling to meet the conditions for peace. They are unwilling to deal with the conditions of society and soul that make strife inevitable. The peace that want is under their conditions. They are unwilling to repent and turn to Christ who is the only way to true peace.

I love the O.T. story of Jehu and Jezebel. Jezebel’s son, Joram rides out to ask Jehu if his mission is “Peace” and Jehu’s response is classic, “How can there be peace as long as that idolatrous witch you call a mother is on the throne” [JEV] There is no peace when the flesh is on the throne. Submission to the will of Christ is the only formula for peace.


  • I saw a quote at the Amish Bakery that I really liked….Jesus knows me, this I love.
  • Baptism Sunday and Ken Blackwood will be with us. The Mission Offering goes to the Blackwood’s.
  • Remember, no Deacons Meeting our LCBS this Sunday but we do have Children’s Church.



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